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Music Makes Me Feel Like Singing! Yeah, Singing!!!!

 Yesterday, I felt like listening to some music while I cleaned the kitchen with the new smell-good cleaning supplies I’d just bought. Only problem was my daughter was using my lap-top, which is my only device to play cd’s or listen to the Internet radios. What to do, what to do, I pondered. Ah ha! I remember I have an app on my BB for radio! Hmmm, I’m still conservative when it comes to downloading apps on my BB so I wasn’t sure about activating the app. Oh what the heck!? I want to listen to music.

I activate it. I start looking around at the different types of radio stations. I chose R&B Hip Hop first. But I wasn’t really feeling the artists that were randomly playing. I KNOW! The 80’s music! Yeah buddy! And so the trip down memory lane began.

Songs that I’d forgotten about were played. Friends by Jody Watly and James Taylor, You’ve Got A Friend were a couple that came on. Oh yeah! I can start to feel it coming on. This happens almost every time I start listening to my “oldies”. I get the urge to perform the concert of a lifetime. I know!! I’ll break out the little ear thingies that came with the BB! NOW we’re talking.

As I surfed down memory lane, I started thinking about how I use to listen to music. You had your trusty radio, of course. In my childhood it was records and a record player. 8 tracks were around but my parents had a huge collection of records I listened to waaaaayyyyy more than they ever did.

The first cassette tape I ever  bought for myself, with my own money I earned was the Bee Gees! I was so proud of that tape. I LOVED the Bee Gees. Still do to this day. Yes, the tapes that melt in the sun when you leave them in the car on hot summer days.

When the CD was introduced, I was, shall we say, reluctant to forge ahead into the newest technology for listening to music. I just didn’t trust those shiny little discs. I finally relented and BAM! I moved ahead with the times.

With the invention of iPods and MP3 players, there was yet another avenue for listening to music. I liked being at work, listening to my music, doing my dancing and working. Music gives you a wonderful burst of energy. I love it.

And then, I started thinking about how now, I’m in my kitchen, with my cell phone, listening to music from my early years, having a blast strolling down memory lane.

My friends and family laugh at my inability to remember words to songs. I just have never been the person who learns a song easily. I have to study the song. I listen to it a hundred times over. Now, with the Internet, I can look them up on the net. And I find pleasant surprises when I read them.

Remember REO Speedwagon? They had a song that just did not make sense to me. Here’s the first couple of lines: Curtis from a friend who, Curtis from a friend who, Curtis from a friend you’ve been messing around. Whoever wrote the lyrics wasn’t very talented. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Who is Curtis? I figured Curtis must be who she messed around with. Years later, thanks to the net, I learned the lyrics were really saying: Heard it from a friend who….. OOOHHHHH, that makes more sense. Then it made me wonder, when I was belting out Curtis, why didn’t anyone tell me, that’s not what he’s saying? LOL!

So when I’m strolling down memory lane, giving the concert of a lifetime, I mumble the parts I don’t know, I sing the words wrong in parts, and I play a mean air guitar with amazing and unique sound effects. By the time I finished my concert last night, my daughter was sitting on the couch, with her hands pressed against her ears. But that’s okay, because when I was in the car later, that same song from REO Speedwagon came on. And I knew the right words!


2 Responses

  1. LOL. It's funny how music can invoke strong feelings from the past. AC/DC's "Who Made Who" came on the radio the other day and I was immediately transported in time to my early "troubled" teen years. I can't decide if it was good nostalgia or not. I still like the song though – I wonder what that means about me? Anyway, I'm glad I found your blog. Cheers,Rachel πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yes, AC/DC is another good one. We use to "car surf" to the "Back in Black" album! Good times to be had by all. Sometimes a trip to the past can be a mixture of good and not so good nostalgia. LOL. Those bittersweet memories. I'm glad you found my blog. I'm working on blogging some more. πŸ™‚

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