Umm, Why Can I See My Scalp?

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When I was younger, I use to watch my Oma getting ready. She was very methodical in her routine. I remember watching in amazement as she perfectly placed her hair piece to hide the extremely thin hair and the large areas of scalp peeking through the fine wisps still remaining. Oma didn’t seemed fazed by her hair routine or my curious eyes watching her movements. I never really thought about my own hair at her age. I had long, very thick curly hair down to my waist.

I loved my long hair but oh how I hated the routine of having it washed, conditioned, and the dreaded electric detangling comb. This was all long before we had the products made especially for curly hair. Curly hair has a mind of its own. No sooner do you put a brush or comb through a section of your hair, the little tangle monsters gather together and run havoc through your hair. To this day I am still amazed at how I can brush my hair, go back over it and still have to fight tangles.

My mom wasn’t always the most patient when it came to dealing with my thick head of hair. We spent many hours crying and struggling to get through my hair and fight the tangle monsters. I was tender-headed and my mom was heavy-handed. Not a fun combination. One way my mom dealt with the tangles was to keep my hair in the tightest of tight pony tails or braids. I swear to this day, I have problems with seeing because she pulled my hair back so tight it made my eyes strain to see against the death grip of my pony tail.

My mom stayed home for a quite a few years with me but when I was around 8 or 9, she decided to work part-time. She dealt with my hair and the daily struggles for about a year. Then she had this brilliant idea. The brilliant idea that took my hair from my waist to short as a boy’s hair cut. I’ll never forget the stylist asking my mom several times if she was sure about cutting ALL of my hair off. My mom reassured her she was. I wasn’t sure about it. I wasn’t happy about it. I wanted my hair to stay. With a nod of my mom’s head, the stylist set to work. I could barely look at all of my hair on the floor as she swept it up. I HATED my new look. I looked like a boy! My mom tried to convince me I didn’t. I wasn’t buying it. I drove my point home to my mom when I was called a boy at a horse riding competition I won. “Oh, look at that cute boy who won!” I AM A GIRL WITH SHORT HAIR! NOT A BOY!!

Through the years I have botched my own hair. I have great ideas in theory and I can visualize how I think my hair will turn out. Reality turns out just a little differently than what my mind saw. My first noticeable-can’t-hide-that-cut-from-the-world was: Curly Hair Shrinks As It Dries! WHAT??!! Who came up with that theory? No, no I didn’t notice my hair looks shorter as it dries. Why would I pay attention to that? I only noticed I hated my curls and wanted straight hair. How was I suppose to know when I happily cut my bangs they would end up like hairy little knobs hanging over my forehead?

Fast forward through the years. I never did get over my mom getting all my hair chopped off so I set out to grow it as long as it use to be. My stylist had to really talk me through those awkward stages. I fought that poor woman tooth and nail during some parts. Eventually, my hair did get as long as it use to be. And my mom finally confessed 30 something years later she always regretted cutting my hair off! Ha! I knew it!!!!And then one day I decided I’d accomplished my goal and I was ready to go shorter. This time it was my daughter trying to talk me out of it. Nope, I was ready to cut some of the length off. I started off a bit at a time just to be sure. Eventually it was a little above shoulder length. Yes, I did regret cutting that much off. Especially since the back of my hair grows s-l-o-w-l-y. My hair is getting long again. No real style to it but for now I’m happy with it.

So what made me think about my hair? I’m at that fun age where I’m noticing my hair thinning out. Yes, I am thinking I might end up like my Oma, wearing a hair piece in my 70’s. My only consolation is: Thank goodness my hair started off extremely thick. Or else I would really be bald now! And no, it doesn’t help that as I examine my balding scalp, hair has decided to grow on my chin, the sides of my face, and what is up with my neck?! The mustache? That? Oh, I got use to that years ago! Still, I’d prefer to have less facial hair and more hair on my head! Gotta love your 40’s!!!!

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  1. Thanks for your compliment! I still don't get it why people think I'm on vacation, but whatever.Stop on by anytime.~SortaSuperMom

  2. I sure will!

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