When You See and Hear Sirens, PULL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I am on my soap box about people who DO NOT pull over when they hear sirens. Some of you know that Missouri has been getting hit with tornadoes. The other night, in my area, we had some bad weather coming through. Lightening like I have never seen before; it was very eerie. Just minutes after the storm was rolling in, there were sirens racing by. To my horror, I see a police car zooming up the road, lights and sirens, and the car ahead of it just kept driving. There was plenty of time to pull over, plenty of room to pull over; but the driver just KEPT ON DRIVING! 

I might be a little more sensitive to people pulling over due to the fact that over the last few years, I don’t know how many times an ambulance has been called to take my mom to the hospital. I think about those few precious seconds which can make a difference to the person who needs help. Regardless if it’s a medical emergency or if it’s a house on fire, or whatever the need is. 

Yesterday, there were 3 different car accidents in a matter of 20 minutes. The first accident, I watched as the police, fire trucks, and ambulance had to wait as people continued to drive through the intersection. It just makes me angry to see how little regard people have for emergency situations. 

The second accident was more than just a fender bender. Someone was hurt very badly from my understanding. Again, those few seconds of pulling over can make a difference.

The third accident, ironically, involved the husband of a former co-worker. My daughter and I were in the store with her when a customer came in talking about the 2 accidents. They were just outside of the store, on either end. She asked if a cab was involved and called her husband immediately when she heard there was. It was him. Luckily, more of a fender bender. We stayed with her until her co-worker came back from lunch. 

I don’t know if people are so use to hearing sirens and they are immune to what they can mean. I don’t know if they just aren’t paying attention. I’m not sure what the reasons are or could be. Regardless, it does get me on my soap box when I see how people don’t pull over!

PULL OVER!!!!!!!!!!


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