Did You REALLY Just Say That?? (1)

The other day I had a conversation with someone and it was one of those moments
 when all I could do was look and remain speechless. 
So I decided it would be fun to share those moments that make me think:
 Did you REALLY just say that??

Before I get started, understand, I am a smoker. Of cigarettes.
 (I’ve learned over the years
 people have different interpretations of what a smoking is.
 I wanted to clarify.)
 I did have a period of being a non-smoker for about 2 years.
 And yes, I have been thinking about returning to the world of non-smokers. 
But that’s a different post.

I’m talking to a friend of mine who smokes about 2 packs of cigarettes a day.
 That started me thinking about how many cigarettes a day that makes. 
You have 20 cigs in a pack. So that translates to 40 cigs a day.
 We have 24 hours in a day.
 Let’s take out 8 hours of sleeping. Reduces us to 16 hours a day to smoke. 
Now, let’s take out another 8 hours of working
We’ll figure you can get about 3 to 4 cigs during the 8 hours.
 That leaves us with 36 to 37 cigs left to smoke in the next 8 hours!
Let’s not forget the extra 8 hours on the days off.

That’s a lot of smoking! 
Okay, with that being said, the irony of the conversation was as follows:
Friend: I think I need to go to the doctor next week.
 (This is said after a bout of coughing that goes on as soon as this person lights a cig.)
Me: What are you going to the doctor for?
Friend: To see why I cough all the time.
Me: (in my head) REALLY? 
Me: (aloud) Oh. 
Instead of paying the doctor to find out why you cough all the time,
 you can just give me the money and I can tell you why you cough all the time. 
You cough as SOON as you light a cig. 
You cough during the WHOLE time you smoke a cig. 
You cough AFTER you finished smoking. 
You cough in between smoking.
 Not just a little “cough, cough” but a 
gut-wrenching, your-lungs-are-trying-to-escape-your-body cough. 
You sound horrible when you cough and smoke. 
You sound horrible when you cough and don’t smoke.
 Your lungs get more smoke than they get air. 
That will be $85, please. 

On a more serious note, I have talked to my friend for 3 years now about the smoking and the coughing. His co-workers are making comments about lung diseases because the coughing is that bad. His only problem with quitting smoking is: he likes to smoke. I suppose on some level for him there is a sense of denial about his state of health. I only hope that it doesn’t go down that deadly road. 
They say trying to quit smoking is harder than trying to quit heroin. It IS hard. I managed to do it for 2 years and often wish I’d never started again. I am trying to decrease my smoking and become aware of when I actually want a cig or when it’s just a habit because I’m use to it. That’s how I quit the first time. 
Any  former smokers who has some tips or ideas to share with us smokers? Any smokers have any frustrations to share regarding quitting?

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