Relaxing and Working

Today, Jeannie and I agreed to meet up to work on some of her back billing. 

First, you have to understand a little something about Jeannie. We were suppose to initially meet on Friday. Friday rolled around and I get a text asking  if we can meet on Saturday instead. Yep, that’s my Jeannie!

When you ask Jeannie what time she wants to meet, we all know the standard answer will be “Oh, 10:30 or 11:00.” Which translates to or = Noon or 1:00. 

I’m okay with that because we share a similar sense of time. 

This morning Jeannie sent me a text around 11:30 to see if I was at the office yet. I slept in because I didn’t see either one of us being there at the original time.

We met up a little after one. 

I go to my office to get started on my part. A few minutes later, Jeannie joins me in my office with her paperwork. 

And starts her system of piles on the floor!

Great minds think alike!

All in all, it was a fun few hours of working, relaxing, talking, making and cleaning up piles of paperwork!


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