Just Jibberish (2)


I’m due for a new purse. My need to carry the kitchen sink is outgrowing my current purse. It’s getting to where if I don’t take something out, it doesn’t zip. Oh, speaking of the zipper. I broke the little handle thingy to the zipper from forcing it shut!


So I asked my daughter what she thought of these two purses? I don’t usually like animal prints but something about these two caught my attention. Hmmmm, maybe it’s the black and white theme I’m digging.

She wasn’t impressed with either purse. 
So I stroll around and spy
 one of my favorite colors.


“Hey!” I call out to my daughter. 
“Look at this shirt.” 
She comes over.
 Looks at the shirt. Looks at me
“Are you serious? It’s an old lady’s shirt.”
 And she walks off.
  Hmmm, I think. Maybe, but I like the color.

I don’t get out much so I was amused by this bag of candy! How cute! A smile full of candy. 

I have this thing about thinking I forgot to lock the office door when I leave. I can’t tell you how many times I will be in my car, motor running, and I look at the door. And then I wonder. Did I really lock it? Half the time I start to back out and then pull right back in to check it. I guess I’m finally getting over that. So yesterday, I load up my car, get in, close the door, and hear a strange sound. I look at my daughter and ask her if she heard it. She says yes. I’m looking on the ground next to the car and then something catches my eye. I left the keys in the door lock and that’s what I heard. My daughter graciously posed for me today so we could reenact my silly Chelle moment. 

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good week. Lots of silly moments. Lots of laughter with my daughter. Made a business decision to improve my work. Been able to catch up on reading the blogs of the people I follow. And had a chance to do my Just Jibberish. Hope your weekend is great and see ya next week!


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