Blessings of Riding in the Car With My Daughter

One of the highlights of my day is when my daughter and I are in the car. There has always been something bonding for us while I drive whether on vacation or just in our town. We’ve had many road trips filled with our voices and much laughter. A couple of days ago, we were doing our usual banter of a hundred different subjects and I thought: “How blessed we are to be close.”

My daughter has an old soul. I remember the first time I told her this. She looked at me, anger flashing in her green eyes, holding her head the way she does when you’ve offended her. “What?” I asked, confused. “I AM NOT OLD!” she declared! Once my laughter subsided, I explained what the saying means. She liked that better.    

I remember her being 9 months old and pulling herself up to the coffee table to get to whatever caught her eye. I felt a sadness in my heart because I knew not only was she going to be wiser and mature beyond her age but because of that, she wouldn’t be a child for as long as other kids. I don’t know why or how I knew; I just knew. Not long after that day, she was up and walking to where she wanted to go.

We’ve always shared a close bond and relationship. You rarely saw one without the other. During the days of doing direct sales parties, my daughter was my assistant. Sometimes I could pay her with a meal, sometimes a trip to the store, and of course, good old cash always came in handy. She enjoyed going out to dinner with my friends. I can’t count how many times my friends would make a comment about forgetting her age.

When she hit around 14, that’s when she started to pull away and wanted to seek her own independence. I knew that day was coming but you never really prepare yourself. I didn’t hold her back but I was a little sad to see my little bird leaving the nest in stages. 

We’ve had our ups and downs. I would always tell my daughter, “Don’t worry, you’ll like me again when you’re 18.” Of course, I got the eye rolling. But that’s okay. I remembered being her age and all the things you go through. 

I told my daughter, the day I was counting my blessings, is: “One thing I’ve always admired about you, is you have such a strong sense of who you are.” And she does. That doesn’t mean she didn’t go through the stages of which group to fit in at school. Don’t you dare tell her she went through the preppy stage though. She will argue you down. (But she did go through that stage.) No matter the stage, she always had a sense of who she is and what she believes.

Now she’s legally an adult. And yes, she likes me again.

2 Responses

  1. Anywaysssssss, I was never a prep!!!

  2. Okay, if you deny so! Love you!

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