Jibbering (3)

Why is it when both of your headlights work, you always notice how many cars there are with just one headlight working. Then, when you only have one headlight working, you don’t see any other cars with just one headlight?

It’s been extremely hot here in MO. As I was sweating and driving, I passed a police car. Of course I quickly looked down to make sure I’m not speeding. But then I wondered, how many cars get pulled over when it’s this hot? Is it worth it to the police officer to step out into the sweltering heat just to write a ticket?

Deadlines. We all know that means you’re suppose to have a goal accomplished by that date, right? So why do I take it as; you have to wait until the last minute to accomplish your goal? Who says I can’t actually accomplish it before the deadline? And why don’t I?

Why is it I can think of soooooo many things to blog about but when it comes down to being in front of the computer, someone erased my brain like an etch and sketch?

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July
 my blogger friends and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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