Bloggy Moms Writer’s Workshop Prompt 7-5-11

“True to Yourself”

Camille Withers stretched her slender body against the lush green grass, draping an arm over her eyes to block the blinding rays of the sun. Her stomach growled in protest at the aroma of the food next to her on the blanket. Camille ignored her stomach and let her mind drift back to the conversation she had earlier this morning with her sister, Corinna.

Corinna was rebelling against her parents desire to marry the very handsome and well established Matthew Greer.  The Withers household was in a state of frenzy and disbelief. Camille and Corinna always obeyed their parents, never spoke back, let alone went against their wishes. They were well-mannered and respectful daughters. At least, until the wedding date was set. Then Corinna became quite the opposite of what her parents had worked so hard to achieve.

Camille could feel the shadows of the clouds passing over head, the sun peeking in and out. She raised up on her right arm and looked across the field. She could see the flurry of activity for tomorrow’s wedding. Her father insisted on having a gazebo built in the backyard for the ceremony. She watched the far away figures as they carried the lumber under her father’s direction. Her left hand absently reached for a grape. As she nibbled on it, she could hear soft footsteps behind her. She turned to face her sister.

“Are you still angry with me, Camille?” her sister asked quietly.

“Of course not. It’s just, I don’t understand,” she replied.

“Have you not ever looked at the way of our world, Camille? We’re brought up to believe whatever it is our parents hand us. We’re not to question, to disobey, or even to challenge what we know. We’re expected to continue living our parents lives. I don’t want that. Not for you, not for me. I love mother but have you ever truly seen any signs of happiness from her, Camille? I mean, really?”

“I’ve never thought of it, Corinna. Is our life so bad?”

“Not bad, Camille. Not bad, just without adventure or desires. Maybe I want to travel the world. Or maybe I want to write a string of poems. Or maybe, Camille, I’d like to dance and sing under the stars. Maybe never get married or have children. Don’t you ever have thoughts such as these?” Her sister’s eyes pleaded for her to understand.

Camille just simply smiled. She grabbed another grape, chewing thoughtfully before telling her sister, “ I think you have cold feet. That is all. I’ve never heard you speak like this before. It’s just a case of nerves. You’ll be fine.”

Corinna shook her head sadly. She leaned over and kissed the top of Camille’s head before walking away.

The next morning, Camille awoke to a thunderous voice. Her father’s. Quickly grabbing her robe, she ran out of her room. Servants milled about, confused. Pushing her way through the servants, Camille saw what was causing the commotion.

On the gazebo, in Corinna’s handwriting, was a sign that simply stated:
 Freedom Lies in Being Bold-Robert Frost


2 Responses

  1. YES!!! I LOVE this!! Wow. What a fabulous take on the quote!! Oh, your writing was so vivid! I was 100% there, talking to Corrine, seeing the note on the gazebo. Yay!

  2. Thank you, Stephanie. I tried so many variations on using the quote. LOL!

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