Bloggymoms WW Prompt 8-22-11

Use this picture for inspiration:
Seeds of Rebirth

The darkness wraps its deceptive arms around my cold and shivering body as I sit in its ghostly, concealed silence. A slight breeze momentarily shifts the trail of my salty tears sliding down my cheeks. It reminds me of how time has been playing with my sense of existence. Moments rush by me with the speed of jumping fast forward even though it’s the memories of my past straggling before my eyes.

My heart wrestles with the pain, struggling with every beat strangely out of sync. I gasp as it slowly washes over me that my breathing and heart seemed to have stopped; frozen in conflict. Exhaling a loud silence, my heart responds with the speed of a race horse pushing towards the victory of the finish line.

I shiver at becoming a living, breathing oxymoron. In the distance, I can hear leaves rustling, moving from a place of rest to a new spot in the carpet of the forest. My mind demands from me to focus on logic.

I refuse.

I can’t.

I’m a body in motion paralyzed.

I’m a body paralyzed by motion.

My ears strain to identify a sound lifting itself higher in pitch, imitating the screams of a banshee in anguish.

I slam my hands against my ears, rocking, crying, willing it to stop. My body shudders as a sob rips from my throat and expunges itself from my mouth. Exhaustion swirls itself around my mind, heart, and soul. It seduces me into a deep, restless sleep.

I dream of forgotten moments. Forgotten moments of you and I. Dreams of happier times. Times when our love took a life of its own, painting our world mosaic with an abundance of love and laughter. I see myself twirling and twirling. I fall down, laughing with the heartfelt delight of a child.

I’m in a field of pure, white flowers, which become my blanket, my shelter. I lay on my back, suddenly somber, laughter fading from my lips. The moon rises high above me, sending rays of glitter through the white, vulnerable petals.

I sense soft, delicate whispering. Whispering that strokes my cheeks, surprisingly dry without tears. Strokes encouraging me to release my resistance to an ending of this chapter with you. With us. My eye lids become heavy with a reassuring need for sleep. I’m asleep within my sleep.

I’m swallowed by darkness and dirt. I don’t feel afraid. I’m not alone. The whispering continues; voices of allies in my rebirth. Time swoons by with elements of wetness and heat.

I feel pain, as if my skin is being stretched forcefully away from my bones. I try to fight the agony only to have my sixth sense convince me to stop resisting. No resistance equals no pain. I stop. I embrace the laws of nature.

I push forward in my newfound growth. I feel strong. I feel the earth shifting, giving way to my demand of allowing me to move upward and forward.

I have been reborn.


2 Responses

  1. This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Stephanie. I liked having the picture to look at for inspiration.

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