Bloggymoms WW Prompt 8-29-11

The prompt I went with this week: On the other side of that door.

I decided to add on to the adventures of Alice. If you’re new to her story, catch up here: The Key and Alice Calls

The Depths of Madness

Alice held her breath. She didn’t dare blink. The doorway in the mirror wavered as she swallowed the large lump in her throat. Alice took a hesitant step forward. The doorway became just a bit fainter. She stopped. 

Don’t panic, don’t panic. Breath. Focus.

She stepped forward, again, to take a closer look in the mirror. It wasn’t her imagination. As she moved forward, the doorway became dimmer. She stifled the scream of frustration making its way from her mind to her voice box. 

Head hanging down, she squeezed her eyes closed. And instantly regretted it. It had taken so long to find the doorway. What if it was gone when she looked up? Panic surged through her body as she suddenly snapped her head up. She almost fell to her knees from relief when her eyes took in the outline. 

Step backwards.

Alice stepped backwards, more from surprise than listening to the disembodied voice. The doorway wavered again, appearing slightly more solid. One more step backward. Waver. Solid. Two quick steps backwards. The mirror wavered, giving the appearance of pebbles tossed in a pond. Alice stopped. The door appeared more solid. Muttering quiet encouragement to herself, she continued to step backwards until she was close enough to reach behind her and touch the door.

Don’t turn.

Again, the voice. Half swallowing, half sighing, Alice reached for the handle, guiding her hand through the reflection of the glass. She gasped as her hand touched the freezing metal. Slowly, she turned the handle, heard a click, and pushed the door behind her. It swung open, protesting loudly as it reached its resting point.


Alice spun her body around, momentarily losing her balance as she tripped over her own feet. She pushed forward, the door in the process of  closing, clipped her ankle as she made her way out. She fell down, grabbing her ankle as thunderbolts of pain shot through her ankle. 

Why must you do that to everyone?


Alice, are you alright? You’ll have to excuse my brother. He has a twisted sense of humor.

Hands still wrapped around her ankle, Alice, took in her surroundings. I must be in a hallway. An extremely long hallway. 

Halfway down she saw two shimmering figures, floating. 

“Who are you?” Alice croaked. She cleared her throat. When was the last time she’d used her voice.

The two figures continued to shimmer. No response. No movement forward. No movement backward.

“I said, who are you?” 

Shimmering. Intensified shimmering; the lone response.

I have lost my ever loving mind, Alice thought.

No, you haven’t, Alice. I don’t have time to explain why, but we can’t hear any words spoken aloud. We can only hear thoughts. Just think what you would speak.


Don’t pay attention to him, Alice. He’s old, cranky and tired.

“Who are you,” Alice asked again.

Silence. Shimmering. 

I’ve fallen into madness, she thought.


Oh, stop, before you frighten her more than she already is. Alice, on the other side of that door, you will find more answers.

Alice turned towards the door she just escaped. She didn’t want to return to the room of mirrors. I can’t go back, she thought.

Not that door, Alice. The other door. 

“What door?” her mind screamed.

You have to find the other door, Alice. That’s all I can tell you. 

“What other door?” Alice implored aloud.

The shimmering disappeared.


8 Responses

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Intriguing!! I'm so happy you are continuing with Alice's story! Does she find the door?~Stephanie

  2. Time will tell. 🙂

  3. Very Mysterious!!! I like how you gave the build up, even the sizes and styles of the writing changes the mood a bit, to where you may get a bit more anxious. But you really keep us wondering after you leave us hanging. Good read!;)

  4. This is my first visit with Alice. Intriguing. I think I will wander over to your other links.

  5. I love all these different fonts here. I guess for some reason they seem to work really well, especially the big font. Like always it's so good to read your stories. It's like reading something from the 'Twilight Zone' :)Hope you're having a great week, Barbara

  6. Thank you, Mango. It was hard to convey the voices as I imagined them but I'm glad it had the effect I was hoping for. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Carrie, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad Alice has intrigued you. I published your second comment but I'm not sure why it hasn't shown up?? Hopefully, it's one of those things that works itself out.Sometimes writing the Alice story does remind me of the other well known Alice. Lol.

  8. Hey Barbara! Thank you for stopping by again. 🙂 I always look forward to your comments. I'm starting to really get into the story and where it could lead. I like that it has the Twilight Zone feel to it. My week is going great and I hope the same for you.

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