30 Day Challenge

I’ve been looking for a 30 day challenge for awhile now and finally found one I like.
 I decided September would be the month to do this since it’s my birthday month 
and it has the 30 days I need.
Day 1:
 Introduction, Recent Pictures, and 15 Interesting Facts

Ah, who am I? That is the million dollar question. Not really, I’ll tell you for free. I’m Michelle but I like to go by Chelle. I have 2 adult children, 2 grand-daughters, and a grand-dog and grand-cat. I love to write, play S3 (Sims 3), very much a Facebook game addict, and an even bigger reality t.v. addict. (thank you original the Real World) I’m new to the world of blogging but once I started taking a look around, I have found it to be right up my alley. I better get started on the 15 interesting facts before I keep rambling.

  1. I am left handed. And I can’t cut with scissors to save my life. 
  2. I waited until I was 40 before I had my nose pierced. Only one lone tear trickled from my eye after it was done.
  3. I use to speak, read, and write German fluently the first 11 years of my life. 
  4. If I meet someone new and their name doesn’t fit them, I tend to rename the person. And tell them.
  5. I don’t have a sense of direction. You have to tell me how to get someplace by naming businesses or landmarks. Don’t tell me N, S, W, E because you’ll get a blank look. 
  6. I use to own a ferret named Ronnie the Rascal. He was stinky no matter how much I bathed him. The vet led me to believe the $50 I spent to have the scent bag removed would take care of the problem.
  7. I spelled the word “weird” wrong for years. I thought it was spelled “wierd” and all the computers I used didn’t have it programmed right in the spell check.
  8. Over the years, I have condensed the word “suppose” to just “pose.” You know, you’re just pose to say it that way.
  9. I love to collect frogs. But you will hear an Oscar winning scream rip out of my mouth if you bring an actual live one around me. 
  10. I chose to play the flute in 7th grade because my other choice was art. And I can’t draw a stick person on a good day. 
  11. My first home computer was a Tandy. Anyone remember that brand?
  12. I met Jimmie Walker at a club in Columbus, OH about 17 years ago. He wasn’t “pose” to be the comedian that night but he is super hilarious. 
  13. I was superstitious about the number 13 until I had a child whose birthday is on the 13th.
  14. I saw the Fat Boys in concert. They sang for about 30 minutes, said they were taking a quick break, got on their tour bus and left. 
  15. Sometimes I wake myself up snoring. True story!

And below are the random pictures of me. 


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