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BMWW 9-5-11

This week, I chose the prompt:  Use the first line of a nursery rhyme (Take your pick!) to start a story. I put a little fun twist on my story. Enjoy and check out the other stories. 

A Fine Wedding We Won’t Go To

Jack and Jill went up the hill.
To attend the grand wedding reception of Little Bo Peep and Grumpy. 

The two would have been guests at the wedding but the treacherous climb up to the castle kept resulting in an almost de javu-ish tumble back down the hill.

Jill’s lavender floor length dress showed the evidence of her tumbling with grass stains as creative as Picasso’s paintings.
Jack walked beside her, slightly panting, looking like a mirror image of Jill, minus the dress, of course. He wore an ill-fitted suit instead of his trademark denim overalls. He pulled at the tie around his neck.

“I don’t understand,” Jack muttered again. “how a fairy tale can marry into a nursery rhyme. Or is it a nursery rhyme marrying into a fairy tale?”

A flurry of teeth gnashing from the three blind mice could be heard in unison at his statement. A statement he’d made each time they attempted to get up the hill. 

“Don’t stop walking!” bellowed the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, as he stood at the top of the hill, rope in his massive hands. The other end of the rope was securely tied around the waists of Jack and Jill, thanks to the assistance of the three blind mice.

“I hope he doesn’t get upset when we arrive at the top of the hill,” Jill worried. 

The giant was under the impression he was helping his Jack. Either fortunately or unfortunately, however it played out, the giant’s eye sight left a lot to be desired and thought he was helping out his Jack.

“I doubt he’ll notice. He’s as nimble brained as he is blind,” Jack retorted. 

In response, the three blind mice each took a turn at biting Jack on his ankle as they scurried past him.
Jack stopped, screaming in pain. 

“Stupid rodents,” he yelled at their backs, fist in air.

“Jack, that’s what you get for being so insensitive. I really wish you’d get over this lousy attitude you have before we get to the reception. If we get to the reception.”

Jack sat down. 
“Jill, I just don’t think it’s natural for fairy tales and nursery rhymes to, you know, get married. I mean, what are their children going to look like? What will their children be named? Fairy Rhymes? Nursery Tales? Rhymes Tales? Nursery Fairy?”

“What does it matter, Jack? This is a festive occasion. It’s about time we put the two worlds together instead of living side by side like we don’t know each other. I think it’s romantic.”

“You would. You have always been so weird. Liking the stories about Rapunzel or that silly Sleeping Beauty.”

“You’re a fine one to talk, Jack. You can’t even get a pail of water.”
“No need to get nasty, Jill. If you would help me when I get up there, I wouldn’t keep falling down. Women, sheesh!”

“Isn’t it just like a man to blame the woman? Maybe you should listen to me when I’m trying to tell you how to carry the bucket. But nooooo, you just want to argue with me, keep doing it the same way and then complain about me!”

Suddenly, the three blind mice came rushing at Jack.
Jack jumped up, arms flailing as they jumped on him. In three seconds, the rope around his waist was gnawed through.
Next they jumped on Jill, repeating the same action.

Jack went rolling down the hill.

Jill came following after. 

“Reception’s over!” the mice chattered as they scurried past Jack and Jill.

“Just like trying to get water,” Jill sighed.


4 Responses

  1. OMG this was hilarious!! I can't stop laughing! Fairy Rhymes, Nursery Tales…and Jill, she's a feisty one. Bwahahahahhahahaha. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this."You're a fine one to talk, Jack. You can't even get a pail of water." Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Tears! Breathe!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I had fun with this one. I can picture a wedding with nursery rhymes and fairy tales together.Yep, Jill is feisty. Lol

  3. This is so typical of men not to help out. Hahaha, just kidding 🙂 Love your post this week and I love your funny side, too. Barbara

  4. Lol…you know there was a little truth to the conversation between Jack and Jill. Thanks for stopping by again. 🙂

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