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Your Zodiac Sign~Does it Fit Your Personality?

Day 6: Your Zodiac sign-Does it fit your personality?

I’ve always had an interest in the Zodiac signs, the characteristics, and which signs are compatible. I can’t say I look at my sign, Libra, and think, “Oh, that’s me 100%.” Instead, I just pick out all the good things and agree that’s my personality. (what, like you don’t?

For example:

Libra Traits
  1. Diplomatic and urbane– I do try to be diplomatic when I’m dealing with situations but I’m also  known to have those blunt moments.  Urbane was a new word to me so I looked it up. It’s similar to sophisticated. Ha! That’s not a word I would use to describe myself, but hey, it’s one of my traits so I have to own it. 
  2. Romantic and charmingI like the romantic movies and books but in person, I’m more like, uh-huh, that’s nice, now get outta my face. Charming, I can be that if I want to. Hell, who am I kidding, it just comes naturally; I don’t have to try.
  3. Easy going and sociableI’ve been described as laid back and easy going. I think I am for the most part. Sociable, oh yeah, that’s me. I love people, talking to people, learning their stories, and like being around people. 
  4. Idealistic and peaceable-The jury is out on idealistic. That one requires further contemplating. Peaceable, yeah, I do tend to like peace in my life and have been called the “peacemaker” by more than one friend in my life. 

On the dark side….

  1. Indecisive and changeable-Okay, just because I look at EVERY single angle, get lots and lots of feedback, change my mind all the time does NOT necessarily mean I’m indecisive. And if I’m indecisive, I can’t help but be changeable. 
  2. Gullible and easily influenced-I can be quite gullible at times. Sometimes I’m amazed I still have that about me but, hey, it means I’m not as jaded as I could be, right? Easily influenced? Probably so with certain things; especially if they tug at my heart strings. 
  3. Flirtatious and self-indulgent-Why is flirtatious on the dark side people?? When you’re naturally charming, you naturally flirt. Enough said about that! Self-indulgent is more from being an only child. 

That was kinda fun to go through. There are some other characteristics about Libras, of course. These were some traits I thought would be fun to pick at or agree with. I won’t go through the rest of what I read but a lot of it did apply to my personality. 

Our personalities are made up of our life experiences, the people we love, the trials and tribulations we go through.  I believe those are some of the true things which shape who we are.

If you’re interested in knowing more about my sign, just click below and learn some more wonderful things about me. 🙂 Or if you’re a Libra, see if you agree with the description.

What’s your zodiac sign? Does it fit your personality?

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