Favorite TV Shows

Day 9: Favorite TV Shows

Dexter-A former co-worker told me about Dexter long before I ever saw the show. I was intrigued by the plot, the character and the things she told me. When I had the opportunity to watch it, I was instantly hooked. It might seem weird to find a serial killer to be so personable, so human, so like you and me but I think the writers do a good job delving into what makes up Dexter. The other cast members bring a lot to the show as well.

LA Ink-I’ve watched this show off and on. I haven’t been a die-hard follower and when the drama over Kat and Jesse came about, it didn’t click in my head who she was. I’ve recently started watching the show again; just to find out it’s ending this month. I like Kat’s personality and I’m in awe of the artistic talent she and the other tattoo artists display.

Deadly Women-This show is about women and the many ways they’ve committed murder, whether against family members or strangers. I think part of what fascinates me about this show is I tend to think of most women as being nurturers; not murders.

Real World-I fell in love with this show from the very first season it came on. To me, TRW is what started all these reality shows which have trailed along after it. Again, I’ve missed my seasons here and there but catch up every chance I get. My most favorite season was with Pedro. I cried so hard when I found out he lost his battle to AIDS.

The Real Housewives-I stumbled across this one by accident one late night. I couldn’t tell you which season I saw first or what season it is on now. If it’s on, I just watch it. I’m amused and mesmerized at the same by these ladies who can be so catty, dramatic and compassionate; all in the same breath.

Basically, I love reality shows and true-crime shows. I’m intrigued by human behavior, how people react to all sorts of life events, why people do what they do, what the human spirit is capable of surviving; all of it. 

What are some of your favorite shows?

2 Responses

  1. Any and all reality shows. I'm so bad. I love Real World, The Bachelor, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, ALL that crap. I LOOOOVE it. 🙂 I TiVo so much of it that I run out of room constantly.

  2. Oh, who knew what they created in people like us when the started reality shows! Yay! I'm glad they did. LOL.

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