Something I Don’t Leave the House Without

Day 10: Something(s) I Don’t Leave 
the House Without

  • My purse. You know how it is; you have everything you might ever need packed away. Only thing with the purse Jeannie gave me is: things disappear in it all the time. I will take everything out of it a good 2 or 3 times and still not find what has sparked my search. I’ll contemplate. I’ll walk away from it. And then, all of a sudden, it’s there in my purse. Jeannie said she had the same thing happen to her when she used it. 

  • My cigarettes. My daughter and I are talking about quitting. There’s a lot of reasons to quit. For one, the price is outrageous for one pack. I’ve even scaled down my choice of cigarettes. I can feel it some days when I get to the office. And most of the time, I don’t even really enjoy it. It feels more like I’m an unwilling partner in the addiction. I know once I set my mind on a date, I will be good. Plus, I already know what my reward for the first month of not smoking will be. 

  • My lap top for the days I go to the office. It’s amazing how much you do on a computer and internet in the mental health field. Gone are the days of the long drawn out paper trails. Now mind you, the frustrations are still there; except now you know about them sooner.

  • My phone. Never know when a photo op will arise along the walk. Lately, I have been noticing the clouds and the color of the sky, especially during the early evenings. I’d like to switch the phone for a camera eventually to capture the beauty around me.

Not the most exciting list in the world
 but these are the things that are typically with me during the week when I leave the house.
 Is there something you have to bring with you when you leave?
 Ever forget it and turn around to get it?

5 Responses

  1. New to your blog coming to you via Blogaholic SN.I don't feel right if I go out without my handbag (purse). The children would have nowhere to keep their mobiles, money etc when we are out LOLGood luck with quitting smoking. I managed to give up 5 years ago. My relationship with smoking was getting sour. I was feeling like a slave to the habit. I had a great reason to quit overnight. I was pregnant again.carol

  2. Good job on not smoking for 2 days. Have you started up again?

  3. Hi Carol! I know exactly what you mean by being a slave to the habit. I have really been looking at the mental aspect and working on some steps to help me for my quit dateI might need to ask you for some advice when I start down that road. 🙂

  4. Yeah!! It's true !! In the beginning it will be very difficult to quit, but we need to identify the serious facts behind smoking!! then we will find it as much as possible!!

  5. I can already tell the panic setting in knowing I'm coming up on my quit date. Lol

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