3 Wishes

Day 22: 3 Wishes

  1. I think, with the tough times we’re all facing between the job market, the insane cost of gas, groceries, everything, I would wish for everyone to be set financially.
  2. In my field, we see a lot of children who are abused in every way possible. It is heartbreaking. I’d wish for all the children in the world to not know the pain and suffering we see way too often.
  3. And on a lighter note, I’d wish to win every sweepstake I entered.

3 Responses

  1. I'm with ya on all three of those wishes! Abuse is horrid especially when it involves children! And if I could win everything I entered I'd be set for life 🙂

  2. I wish that all of your wishes would come true! I could never work in a field that would involve abuse of any kind…and I'm so grateful for those of you that do. Children are so helpless and dependent on adults…animals too.xoPat

  3. Some days are hard but you keep on. I'm blessed to work with a group of ladies who really care and make a difference.

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