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5 Good Things That Have Happened To Me Since I Started the Challenge

Day 23: 5 Good Things

  1. I made the decision to quit my almost-lifelong addiction to nicotine. I have my goal date set for my birthday~in 6 days. It has been an interesting mind game already. Most days I’m not focused on the fact that I’m going to improve my health. Some days I have those moments where I think, “Oh, I’ll miss having a cigarette when ___________.” 
  2. I started taking part in some of the giveaway blogs. Yes, I was in I-hope-I-win bliss. I’m usually not one of the lucky people who wins things, but alas, I have won 3 so far. Too exciting!!! And since I’m the queen of: “Is it free? Can I have it for free?” I decided to start my own giveaway and review blog. I’m still in the ground floor of getting it together. In my mind, everything is so much more simple and less time-consuming than what it really is but I am up for the challenge!
  3. I actually finished hanging up the rest of my pictures in my office. Yay! I don’t know what happened but it dawned on me last week that it looked as if I stopped moving in about half-way through. Lol…yep, that’s me. So, pictures are up and the corner that was my catch all is cleaned up and organized. It has given my office a lighter more welcoming vibe to it. I’m liking it. 
  4. I’m becoming more comfortable blogging. That’s a biggie. I figured out pretty early on that I would grow into my blog, so to speak, but I can tell I’m getting more comfortable with my blogging voice. Also, I’m not so uptight about the days where I can’t blog due to things like no internet or life gets busy. There aren’t any blog police officers looking to give me a citation or a ticket for not posting.
  5. I have loved direct sales since my first party. I have had success and no success with direct sales. Either way, I’m always open to new products. Jeannie and I had a meeting with a distributor of Juice Plus. I was impressed with what we learned and I’m considering trying the products. I’ll let you know when I do. 🙂
What good things have happened for you in the last month?

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