BMWW 9-19-11

The Keeper of Secrets

Oh, there you are dears. Please, please come in. I’m so delighted you accepted my invitation. Quite the chill in the air tonight, wouldn’t you say? I’ll take your coats for you. There we go. I have a nice fire going to keep us warm. Now, while I put your coats up, please help yourself to some goodies. I’ve spent quite the time baking and cooking for this evening’s festivities. Help yourself to as much your bellies can hold. I’m sure there will be far too much left over; even with sending extras home with everyone. Oh, come now, don’t be shy. I know we’re all strangers on some level but surely we all must have at least one or two things in common. Mingle, get to know the other guests. I need to give my staff a few last minute instructions after I’ve put your coats up.

How wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves. It was quite a serious decision when I came up with the idea of bringing together a room full of complete strangers. Yes, quite a daunting task, I say. But I’m glad I sent out the invitations. Why, not one person who was invited didn’t pass on this wonderful opportunity.

I hope the refreshments are to everyone’s liking. I tried to make as many of your favorite foods as possible. I do enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen. Our bellies are full, our palates satisfied. Please, grab some more refreshments or drinks and lets settle in.

Comfy, my dears? I just love the smell of burning wood. It’s such a peaceful, comforting scent, don’t you agree? Oh, no, no, the children are fine, my dear. Let them be children. Let them laugh and play amongst each other. Really, what I have to share with you this evening, is more for the adults. Children seem to naturally know what I’m going to share with you tonight. You were all once like them. I’m sure you don’t remember or maybe even have a touch of skepticism.

Please, don’t look so shocked. I know this might sound strange to you, but I can sense what people are feeling.  Some might view it as a gift but I tell you, at times, it bears the heavy burden of a curse. The joyous, happy emotions are delightful and bring my heart much joy. But, alas, the pain or the heartache of people, cause me such a deep sorrow. Sometimes so deep, I can barely stand from the weight of it all. But enough of that, I’m sure I must sound like a crazy old woman.

Most of what I share with you this evening, you won’t truly recall or remember. Rather, it will be a faint, soft whispering of hope you hear in your hearts and minds. You will try to, in the beginning at least, try to pull from your memory banks to recall how you know to believe the whisper of hope.

I suppose I should tell you what my job title is, although some of you will be doubtful. In my family, I am known as the Keeper of Secrets. Yes, yes, I can feel from the shift of emotions there are some who need to let this settle into your mind and acceptance. That is quite alright. No one here will have an emotion I haven’t encountered before. Please feel free to allow your feelings to flow through you. Picture, if you will, a river flowing, twisting, turning, freely as it makes its way down a well worn path. Better now?

I am not the Keeper of Bad Secrets. That task, unfortunately, fell to my dear brother, Augustus. And the name on top of it! A little bit of irony, don’t you think? I know, I know, back on task. Augustus and my family always remind me.

I am the keeper of the good secrets. The ones which bring joy and happiness to people. I rather do like my job in that aspect. However, one of the conditions is I feel the good and the not so good emotions of people. But with most things in life, there are some of the more unpleasant items to deal with at times.

There is not one person in this room tonight, outside of the children, who isn’t keeping a secret. Now, now, you all almost caused me to fall from my chair. I feel the sense of confusion and fear. Remember, good secrets. If it were Augustus sitting here, then you should all be worried and ridden with fear. Then the river would abruptly turn into one of the most treacherous waterfalls you could imagine. I’ve seen it happen and the emotions did render me unconscious. That is why Augustus and I don’t co-host little get togethers. Much too much for me. I know, I know, get on task.

Take a look at the children. Do you see how they play so well with each other? As you arrived, the children immediately were drawn to one another, talking, sharing, and laughing. The adults? Oh, much, much apprehension at walking into the unknown situation. Such a contrast, wouldn’t you say?

Do you know their secret? Shhhhh, I will share one with you. Each and every one of you, were just like each and every one of them. Do you remember a time in your life when you were carefree and looked at the looming canvas of life? Can you recall how you weren’t intimidated and thought of creative ways to splash color on this canvas? It didn’t matter if you wanted to be a teacher or a firefighter. You created that dream without any hesitation. That’s their secret. And you once held it, too.

That’s why I brought you all together. Out of all the emotions I feel wash over and through me day in and day out, each of you came across to me the strongest. Oh yes, wrap your mind around the amount of emotions I deal with daily. And yours, spoke to me the loudest, the clearest. And so my dilemma began. Do I share what I know with you? Do I allow you to continue through life somehow always calling out to me?

I thought long. I thought often. I realized my thoughts about the situation were more loud, more clear than even your emotions. My decision was made.

My message is quite simple, actually. I’m not going to give earth-shattering news to you. Just a little, encouragement, shall we say?

Each and everyone of you is keeping a secret, nestled far down in the darkest corners of your souls.

There is not one adult sitting in this room tonight, who has not let a dream die, fade away, fizzle, dry up, however you want to describe it. That is the secret you are keeping. You speak of this dream to no one. Not even to your wife or husband. It doesn’t roll off your tongue to your sister, your brother, your best friend. It just sits. Quietly at times. Not so quietly. You most often don’t even dare to share it with yourself. Yes, that is the secret you all are keeping.

I’m here to tell you, let the dream out. Share it. With loved ones. With the world. Shout it from the mountain tops! Rejoice and bring your dream to life again.

Misty, how often have you felt the beginning of a wonderful story tugging at the corner of your mind? Oh yes, yes, I know. I feel it when it hits you. And almost before it begins, you shut it off, very much like you do a television or radio. No more noise. No more reminders of dreams tucked away.

Gary, why shouldn’t you open your own repair shop? You have a talent at figuring mechanics out. You can always take something apart and put it back together, better than when it was brand spanking new.

Heather, a dance studio is just what our town needs. Can you imagine how many dreams you will inspire and encourage? Ah, to express oneself through the fluid motions of our bodies.

Hush, hush, dears. I will say no more. I just implore you to bring forth dreams hidden away or long forgotten back to the forefront of your mind. And with the dreams coming back to life, chase them, pursue them, and make them come true. Look at your children for inspiration. Really listen to your children. Really listen to your dreams.

Now, I must bid you all a good night. The evening is still young. Please, help yourself to more refreshments, mingle amongst yourselves. Have no fear, one of my gifts is to be forgotten not long after I leave your presence. And when you go back to your lives, all you will hear of my words and voice, is the encouragement of hope and dreams.

This week’s writing prompt is: Keeping a secret


2 Responses

  1. Oh. WOW. WOW. Chelle! Just WOW! I had no idea where this was going, but you hooked me from the get go. This voice was calm and even, hypnotic. I wondered what she put in the drinks (and still do) but I love the way you twisted it to make her more like a muse. I Love love love the sinister quality you started with. YAY!!!SO glad you are back. I've missed you.

  2. Thank you. I could see and hear her so clearly as I came up with the story. I'm glad the voice came over how I imagined it to be. I think this was my biggest challenge so far; to convey her as I saw her and writing it in the first person. I'm glad to be back. 🙂

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