My Favorite Song

Day 24: My Favorite Song

I like a lot of different styles of music. My love of musicians range from Ozzy to Akon. It mainly depends on my mood or what’s on my mind when I listen to my music. 

I think the one song I absolutely adore above all others is: Beautiful, by Christina Aguilera.

My favorite lines from the song are: We’re the song that’s outta tune; full of beautiful mistakes.

I relate to the first line because I can’t sing in tune worth a lick! But it doesn’t stop me from putting on my concert, singing wrong words, or my impressionable air guitar sounds.

The second line is a much needed reminder that our mistakes along the way, help us to become an even better person. No need to be down on yourself about it; learn from it.

We live in a society where you have to be perfect in your looks, careers, homes,  and even our gadgets. There is so much pressure on our young girls coming up in the world to be super models. And along that journey, they sometimes lose  what’s important. 

Inner Beauty

Who you are on the inside, that is the only true beauty within us. Not the packaging on the outside. Not the fancy clothes or shoes. Not the newest iphone or car. 

You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. I like that song too! I love a variety of music as well I like to say I love everything from Elvis to Eminem!

  2. Do you know as a child I'd never heard of Elvis until the day he died?

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