Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

Day 27: Someone Who Fascinates You & Why

Hopefully, as you’ve followed me on this 30 day challenge, you’ve come to know me a little bit better. I start off saying this because I know my answer to this question will seem (or maybe is) a bit odd.

I would have to choose serial killers or people who commit crimes of passion. 

The reason I’m fascinated by these people is that I don’t really believe we are born evil. I’m not saying there aren’t some people who can’t be born evil but for the most part,  I think there are so many things that lead to the development of their behaviors and actions. 

For example, Aileen Wuornos. I’d heard about her and watched documentaries.  When I saw the movie, “Monster”, it put a different spin on her as a person. I thought the director did a great job portraying her as a “monster” as well as the human beneath the “monster.”

I think my mind wants to unravel and understand the complexities of what makes people like Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos tick. What, if anything, could have been done differently, in their childhoods to turn them around? Or any aspect of their life which could have been a turning point for them.

Who fascinates you and why?

4 Responses

  1. I totally agree with Aileen Wuornos. I was fascinated by the movie and by her actual documentaries. And a "fun" fact about Ted Bundy–I once dated a guy for four years, and his mom went to school with Ted. They were actually friends. Super bizarre for me to think about.All serial killers fascinate me. I did a big report on them in school and had to read tons of books, and it was all just so creepy, but something about it was interesting as well.On a much lighter note, JK Rowling fascinates me (lol, change of pace much?). Only because of her ability to take one little idea on a scrap of napkin and turn it into a bazillion-dollar empire. And of this, I am immensely jealous.Jo

  2. I went to high school with a guy who won a nursing scholarship from the VA. Years later, they suspected him of killing his patients in the VA hospitals. I don't think they had enough to convict him though. And looking back on the yearbook, it was like, hmmmm, how did we all miss that??I always forget about him for some reason. Maybe that's one of his reasons?? He wasn't noticed??Did you ever talk to the mom about Ted Bundy? He was truly manipulative!I will have to check out JK Rowling. You have my curiosity peaked!!

  3. I did talk to her once or twice about Ted Bundy. She said he was as normal as could be, quiet but friendly. They'd pass in the hall and say hi, or talk at lunch. That makes it extra creepy to me, that he just seemed so normal. And the absolute scariest part of all is that he is suspected (or known, I'm not sure) to have committed his first murder right about that time–either in junior high or early high school. Like, while they were still friends. Way creepy.O_O

  4. It is scary how normal serial killers can come across. I think it's the lack of their conscience.

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