Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Why

Day 28: Your Favorite Comfort Foods & Why
Probably, my very favorite would have to be chocolate! I absolutely love chocolate. My parents didn’t limit me on my sweets intake as a child, so believe it or not, that’s probably what’s helped me from going through life only eating chocolate. Maybe if it had been a forbidden delight, I would need intervention at this point in my life. I can remember when they came out with “watchmacallit” candy bar. Now that I look at the name, it cracks me up! I’m not opposed to trying new candy bars either. In fact, it makes for quite the exciting Saturday night.

Pizza would be my second choice of comfort foods. In fact, last night, since I wasn’t feeling good, I decided to order pizza. It hit the spot. I’m kinda like a kid, doing the “Pizza is great!” song and dance when I order.

Now, as to the why? Never really thought about why. I think it just makes me feel better. The chocolate makes my mouth happy and that transfers to my brain and my body. And I did feel better after eating some pizza.

 Hmmm, just dawned on me. One of my favorite memories of my Oma and me is when we went to eat pizza in Germany with her friends. The pizza wasn’t cut into slices like it is here. They usually eat it with a knife and fork. That was a fun change for me. My Oma showed her friends how they do it in the US and that was fun for them.

What are your favorite comfort foods?


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  1. Not the spicy ones though! But yeah, sardines and crackers are good!

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