An Art Piece You Like

Day 29: Art Piece You Like
I really get into what I call “Street Art.” I love how an artist can look at something and find a whole different picture. I can’t draw a stick figure worth anything, so I really do enjoy the talent of others.

What type of art do you enjoy?


3 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness I love that type of street art so much. I am amazed and bewildered at the ones done with chalk. I also can't believe the beauty of the ones people do with spray paint and random tools like crunched up pieces of paper as blotters (they do a lot of that type of art on the streets of Mexico–it's so fascinating to watch, and the ennd results are so intricate you can't believe it's done with spray paint and wadded up paper, for goodness sake).I'm not sure what "type" of art I enjoy beyond this, but I do have a very favorite piece of art. It's called "Forgiven," by Thomas Backshear: love it so much.Jo

  2. You should make time to do something you enjoy doing!

  3. That would be so cool to watch them create their art!!!!!! Wow, Jo! "Forgiven" is powerful! It left me speechless and trying to take in the whole picture at once. How awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

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