My First Horse Related Injury

*If you don’t like looking at injuries, 
you might not want to read this post.*

Jeannie is forever trading, selling, or buying a horse.
 She goes to all kinds of horse sites to trade, sell, or buy. 
The good thing about Jeannie’s  inability to become attached 
desire to find that perfect horse is: A road trip!!!!!!!!!!

Initially, one of our other friends was suppose to go with us. 
I was glad to find that out, especially when Jeannie informed me that her 
soon-to-be-new-horse apparently didn’t like to load.
 And then at the last minute, it was just Jeannie and I headed out 
on that three hour trip. 

The trip was uneventful for the most part. Jeannie cracked me up, as usual.
 I read the directions, she’d argue with me about how far we’d actually traveled before the next turn, I’d reassure her we still had 9 miles out of the 10 to go
 or whatever the distance; the usual banter. 

We arrive at our destination.
 I fell in love with Lily as soon as I went up to pet her. 
She had such a sweet disposition as I stroked her nose.
 I declared to Jeannie I loved Lily and she was a keeper. 

And then, it was time to load Lily. 

I’m standing on the outside of the trailer, with the rope through the slots,
 as is “S” on her side. I had one rope in my hands, “S” had a rope in hers, and Jeannie was behind Lily trying to coax her onto the trailer.  Lily was scared but she wasn’t bucking going all crazy scared. That was a good sign. After several minutes, we get one leg on the trailer. YAY! Which quickly turned into: OUCH!

Lily didn’t like the sound of her hoof on the metal and bolted backwards, pulling me with her. That was the first of my injuries
I thought my wrist was in the very least fractured if not broken.
  Jeannie asks if I’m hurt. 
I tell her yeah.
 She says, okay, keep holding the rope! 
Say whaaaaattttt???? 

So, I put my big girl panties on.

This time, we almost have Lily all the way loaded onto the trailer. And I find out how strong Lily is as she bolts like lightening out of the trailer, dragging me even farther with her. I finally let go of the rope when I look down and see my ring embedded in my finger and blood flowing.

At this point, Jeannie asked me if I still loved Lily.
 Guess she thought she was funny.

I couldn’t believe how quick my finger swelled up! I think I set a world’s record. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get my ring off. It was bent and I couldn’t pull it over the gash on my knuckle. “S” went to get a bolt cutter to get my ring off and returned with one so big, I thought “She must think I’m planning on escaping from a prison or just figures it’s easier to cut my hand off!” It didn’t work so she offered to have the EMT’s meet us in town to use their ring cutter. 
As we head into town, Jeannie’s like, 
“You’re not really going to have them meet us, are you?” 
I said,
 “Yep, I sure am.
 Besides, they’ll get a chuckle out of the story
 and I have something to put in my blog.”

It’s 8 days later. My fingers are healing up, I’m getting more use out of my fingers, and my wrist is feeling better and I’m able to move it more. It’s still hard to hold things with my hand and certain motions are painful. The frustrating part is it’s my left hand and of course, I’m left handed. 

This is the first injury.
And still, I didn’t let go of that rope!

I took this while waiting for the EMT’s to show up.

You can see where the ring was at.

My ring bent and cut. 😦

My daughter nursed my injuries. 🙂

I learned valuable lessons. Don’t wear rings or bracelets when loading a horse. Wear gloves. And apparently, you don’t worry so much about the others getting hurt. If you need to let go of that rope, well, you let go! And I thought at least my nails still look cute!


2 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness. OUCH. My most memorable horse related injury was when I was stepped on by a horse. lol, seriously. She bucked me off and then full-on stepped on my thigh. I had a massive bruise.And as for rings, my husband's aunt actually had a "degloving" injury because of her ring. If you don't know what that is, don't google it!! OMGGGG!! But she actually eventually lost her entire finger because of it. I am glad you were much luckier!Jo

  2. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be stepped on by a horse. Jeannie told me that you get hurt sooner or later being around horses but I really thought it would be me falling off for the first injury.No, I don't think I want to look up "degloving" injury. Sounds painful and horrible. Makes me realize I really was lucky with my injury.

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