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Bloggymoms WW Prompt 10-03-11

Ok, so we are working on descriptive writing the past week. You were supposed to write a descriptive piece about anything of your choice without telling us directly what it was, but leave us to our imaginations.

Your heart gains the strength of the top five contenders in a weight contest. It pounds loudly in your chest. You look down to see if the hammering of your heart is visibly noticeable to those around you. Your heart is trying to break its way out with the full force of a power driven sledge hammer.

Your hands clench, unclench, slightly moist. You wipe them on your pants.

You swallow, trying to push down the lump that represents the small mountain which erupted from nowhere and laid claim to your throat.

Excitement rises into foreseen anticipation.

Eyes shut, dull sound of a click, the push of the bar into place.

Relax, you tell yourself. You’ve been here before.


It’s too late to turn back now. Eyes swivel around for a quick escape.

A sharp jerk, body pushed forward but stuck in place. You come to a rest but there is movement forward.

A smile breaks across your face, hurting your cheeks. It reminds  you of your long lost “Auntie” from Grandma Netta’s side of the family, as she squeezes the bejeezus out of your young, plump cheeks.

Bubbles start to fizzle from your queasy belly.

Slowly, they turn, they twist.

Clank, clank, clank…….

You tense.





This gives power to the bubbles. They swirl quicker and quicker. A tornado of sound erupts from your lips.

Your stomach dips beyond your toes, as if to actually fly out of your body. It goes one way as your body is thrown the opposite way.

Head thrown back, hair contorted in a style of fashion and madness a gallon of hairspray couldn’t hold.

You laugh with glee and shock.

Before you catch your breath, your body is slammed to the right.

You giggle, unsure.

No time to catch your breath now.

And you’re off and running again.

Bubbles fizzing.

Heart galloping.

Mouth laughing.

Stomach falling.

It ends almost as suddenly as it began.

You stand up, legs wobbly but body light with happiness.

Off to the next one.

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3 Responses

  1. Roller coasters are so much fun!

  2. Excellent!! It took me til the end to figure it out, but ohhhhh there were so many things that it could have meant–stage fright was the first thing that came to mind, but the last paragraph and the last sentence sealed it for me. Beautiful descriptions here. Bravo!!

  3. Thank you, Stephanie. I was hoping the clank, clank, clank didn't give it away too soon. I like how you've been challenging us and helping us to improve our writing.Already working on next week's prompt. 🙂

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