Women In Their 40’s

As I was walking to the office today, (always a great time to think and create in my mind), I thought about a conversation Jeannie and I had a couple of weeks ago.

We were discussing our ages since my birthday was  coming up. Jeannie turned 50 this year. I asked her if it bothered her to turn 50 and she said no, turning 40 was harder for her. Turning 30, for me, was extremely hard. I don’t think I was quite ready to let go of the 20’s. However, turning 40 was very exciting for me. In fact, I was telling people a whole year ahead I was 40; that’s how much I was looking forward to it.

(Did I just hear some hhhhmmmm’s go through your minds?)

I’ve always enjoyed  hanging out with older people and my friends are typically quite a few years older than I am. I remember during my mid to late 20’s, a couple of friends and I talking about, what else, our ages. (seems to be a pattern here.)

My friends were in their 40’s already at the time. I remember one friend telling me, “There’s something about being a woman and turning 40. You start to gain more confidence. You speak your mind more freely instead of holding back. It’s just different. I can’t really explain it but you’ll understand when you’re our age.”

I never forgot that conversation. 

During the conversation Jeannie and I had, she made the comment that she thinks when women enter their 40’s, they become even more beautiful and she believes the inner confidence is what radiates on the outside. (sound familiar? favorite song.) 

I think Jeannie summed it up. There is something about becoming older and having a confidence life brings you. 

 Do you think women become more 
confident as they get older? 

8 Responses

  1. Yes, we do! Stopping by from the blog hop and now a new follower of your blog thru GFC and RSS Reader. I would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a wonderful weekend! Oh, by the way, I am having my first giveaway, Eclipse Spa Products, and would love for you to enter.Mary@http://www.mmbearcupoftea.com

  2. Hi Mary!Thank you for stopping by and following.Yay on your first giveaway. I'm starting a new blog for giveaways/reviews. I'm too excited. I have followed, subscribed, and entered your giveaway.

  3. I think almost every woman gets more confident as they older…but I'm still waiting on it. :(Johttp://bumbumgerms.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi Jo!Just read and commented on your purse post. Loved it.You have confidence. You blog. That takes confidence to put your thoughts out to the world. You deal with your OCD. There's confidence. You're raising children. It's there. 🙂

  5. Aw, thanks. I guess you're right. And in some ways, I'm getting better at speaking my mind when it comes to my children. although I need to stand up for myself a LOT more.I guess when I think of "confidence" I think of body image, and mine is down the crapper. Maybe that will come with age, although that sounds backwards. We shall see. 🙂

  6. I found you from The Clumsy Coquette Blog Hop. Love your site…love the colors in the crossbars on the side.I'm now following you on GFC.Oh, yeah, if you are interested in scrapbooking I'd love for you to check out my site…digitalscrapbooklessons.com and maybe even enter my drawing for PS Elements 9.

  7. Jo, we tend to be hard on ourselves regarding body image. I have my jiggly belly, as I call it but there you have it. I'll choose eating over exercising any time. Lol

  8. Hi Patricia! Thank you so much for stopping by and following. Girl, I'm all about the drawings! You know I'm there. I've always had an interest in scrap booking so I am heading over now.

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