BMWW 10-10-11

In 300 words or less, you were to write a situational conflict scene and show how your character reacts.

This new character, Anna, and her story is dedicated to “D” and “Mrs. S” for their encouragement and belief in my writing. 

“The Beginning of the End”

“I don’t know why you want to pretend everything is okay between us, Anna. I mean, come on! Our daughter goes missing and the next thing I know, you’re having an affair with the lead detective on the case.”

Henry stood facing me. His eyes held mine with a hard look. He remained still, as if he’d set sight upon Medusa herself and was now stone.

I sat down on the bed, pulling off the towel wrapped around my hair, placing it in my lap. I was beyond stunned by his words. I didn’t know what to do with myself. My hands kept twisting, untwisting the towel. Tears blurred my vision as my mind raced through the last few weeks of our lives. I felt what was left of my strength plummet from my body. 

“Henry,” I began, my voice hesitant, “I don’t know how you could possibly think I would be having an affair when Miranda is missing. You know me better than that. Better than anyone.”

Our eyes met. We spoke volumes of soundless words. 

Henry returned to packing the suitcase laying next to me on the bed. He threw a few more clothes in, slammed the top down, and snapped the locks shut. Only then did I realize he had been packing my suitcase.

 I searched his face, questioning him mutely.

“I think it’s best you leave. Sampson will take you wherever you need to go. I expect you to be gone by the time I get back,” came his detached reply.

I watched his back as he walked out of our bedroom and our marriage. 

Defeated, I forced my body to cooperate as I dressed. Leaving the security of my bedroom I felt broken, empty, and hopeless. 

All my life I’ve been a survivor. Until now. 



9 Responses

  1. Very engaging dialogue. I could sense the tension, the rising conflict, and could easily identify with each character. Good job! Would you mind if I sighted/used this writing challenge for my Midweek Writing Challenge on my blog? And maybe you could share your link back to this post through the link widget I have with each Midweek Writing Challenge. Thanks!

  2. I wouldn't mind at all!In fact, I've subscribed to your blog. Lol

  3. Awesome! I think I will plan to use this particular writing prompt/challenge for my writing challenge this week! I hope you can stop by and share your link! Thanks!! 🙂

  4. Your characters are very clear here. You did a great job with the prompt. I have NO concrit for you because, to me, its perfect. 😉

  5. Rhonda, I will stop by and share. I appreciate the opportunity to share my writing with a new readers.

  6. Dan, thank you. I was going for an emotional scene between Henry and Anna. There will be more to come.

  7. Stephanie, :)Reading your writing every week does inspire me. My friend's and family get weekly updates about your stories.

  8. Hi Chelle! Stopping by from the Midweek Challenge 🙂 I loved this piece. You could clearly see and feel the characters tension! You could feel the main character's hopelessness. I loved how you compared the husband's expression to Medusa-like stone, and how you finished with her no longer seeing herself as a survivor. Great job! I'm following you via GFC!

  9. Hi Gwen, I'm glad you stopped by. I read your story yesterday and found your characters to be quite enjoyable. I've subscribed to your blog so I can continue reading your writing. Thank you for the feedback. 🙂

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