A Froggy Kinda Day

Things have been hectic again at work and on the home front. All good hectic. I’d made up my mind to come into the office and tackle the huge workload waiting for me. After having an enjoyable brunch with a friend, I came to the office all psyched up to get things knocked out.

Oh, but stop. Doesn’t that plant look a little droopy? Hmmm, yes, yes it does. Well, let me go water it and get started. Oh look, I need to clean off the plant stand. Hey, a new bottle of Mr. Clean with Febreeze under the sink. You know, I kinda thought my office seemed a little dusty smelling yesterday. Yep, it did, didn’t it? I better clean it from top to bottom. 

And so I did! To the Ozzmosis CD. Love my Ozzy!

My office smells soooooo good. I feel ready to tackle my workload in a clutter free, dust free office. 

But, before I start, I wanted to share my office frogs with you. If you’ll remember, I collect frogs but real ones scare me. I know, go figure. I don’t really understand it myself. 

This is my blue frog. He stands guard over one of my plants. Ferocious, isn’t he?

This little guy reminded my daughter of her cousin.
The angel, not the frog.

These frogs have an important job. They’re the keepers of the light.
Okay, the keepers of the unlit candle.

In my office, we don’t discriminate against toads who want to be frogs.
The guy on the right can be a frog if he wants to!

Yep, I have my frogs trained. This one is doing a trick. Cute, huh?

Age ain’t but a number in the frog world. This guy looks pretty old but holding up well.

I’m not really sure this little one is of the frog world. But again, we don’t discriminate. I think Jeannie gave him to me saying it was a frog. What do you think?

This is my sophisticated dude. Very suave, don’t you agree?

I like my frog pen but it really isn’t easy to write with it. 

Gotta have the dancing frog. 

He’s the boss frog of sorts.
 He hangs on the mirror above my desk making sure I’m doing my work. 

My frog waterfall. 

Okay! I better skidaddle off to face my huge mountain of paperwork! 

Do you collect anything or have a theme in your office?

10 Responses

  1. Awww, I collect frogs too!! I have for like 15 years. I have dozens. Only difference is, I love real ones too, and have had several as pets. 🙂 Wish I could post pictures in comments, I'd show you all the froggies! (My fake froggies, as I have no real ones right now, except for the one I recently found outside.) 🙂

  2. I have rubber duckies in my office! I have a mild duck obsession.

  3. Jo, you are much more brave than I am. Real frogs are cute from a distance. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes I'm afraid of real ones and I've had my moments of near hysteria as they proudly show me the live frog they found for me.

  4. CC, I bet there are some CUTE rubber duckies! And just how mild is this duck obsession, I wonder?

  5. I love all of the frogs! My daughter LOVES duckies too lol.

  6. Hey Jenny! I'm thinking a frog and duckie theme together might be cute.Glad you stopped by. I saw you had things going on when I read your blog. Hope all is going well and I've missed FTF.Hoping to be back next week.Have a great weekend.

  7. I really love looking at all your frogs.

  8. Oh my gosh, those frogs are cute! LOL! Isn't it funny how productive we can be when our office/work space is clean? I need to remember this and find motivation 🙂

  9. Thank you, Sara. I still have tons more to show. Lol

  10. Thanks, Gwendolyn. A clean work space does make a difference. Jeannie was teasing me because I put in extra hours to get things caught up. Music always helps me feel like cleaning.

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