Random Stuff

All my life I’ve dealt with many adoring me.
 I think it’s the eyes.  Lol.
 Oh the things I find to entertain
myself with sometimes. 

I came to work one day to find this yummy surprise waiting for me. 

My god-daughter sees me taking pictures  all the time
 so she asked me to take a picture of her recipe:
 potatoes and onions, plus a dash of hot sauce. Very yummy!

I’ve never seen a table like this before.  The shattered glass look. 

The changing of the weather before the cold spell
 and the little bit snow Mother Nature has been spitting out. 😦

The fireplace at my BFF’s house.
So cozy and makes me want to roast marshmallows.

My 4-legged granddaughter with her nails did.
 She manages to chew 1 or 2 off
 and seems to know which claw she can use to scratch you.

This is Pepper, my BFF’s dog.
 (Her mom  was our dog.)  She was knocked out .

2 Responses

  1. Haha.. Your cat is so pretty now! I cant wait to try your potato's they look delicious!! Officially following your blog. Cant wait for more posts.

  2. Thank you, SweetWahine. Bugsy was pretty young when my daughter got her. In fact, she was weeks younger than what we were told so she was very much like a newborn.

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