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Pixie Cuteness

I’ve watched LA Ink off and on during the years. Recently, I signed up for a free trial with Netflix and was sooooo super excited to see LA Ink as one of the shows I can watch. I missed the first season and have been spending time getting caught up.

I absolutely adore Kat Von D but I think Pixie is just the cutest thing since sliced bread. (I know, sliced bread is an odd comparison but there ya have it.) I’m not a big fan of piercings, although I do have my nose and ears pierced. But there’s something so adorable about Pixie’s dimples and the piercings in her dimples. It is just TOO CUTE! And it fits her bubbly personality so well. She was hired by Kat as her shop manager but I already know she’ll be fired in the next few episodes. *Sigh* Maybe that’s why I haven’t been watching it the last few days. *tear drop*

I have a couple of tats myself and I’m looking to get a few more. (It’s true, once you get your first one, you develop the thirst for it.) I don’t plan on having a sleeve or to cover most of my body. I like to have small ones that mean something to me and unless I tell you, you aren’t aware that I have a couple. Anyway, I’m rattling off the subject. Surprised?

One of the things that has been running through  my mind is how “narrow” our worlds can become when we’re use to living in just one place. I’ve never had the bug to move to Hollywood or to even visit LA but after watching this show, I thought it would be neat to spend a month or so in LA and just soak up the diversity of the people in the area.

It’s made me realize how easy it is to become comfortable in what you know. I’m not big on traveling or moving around. In part, that is due to growing up in the Army and leaving family and friends so often. By the time I was 14, my dad was retired and I was actually relieved to know we were staying put in one place for a change. It was very important to me to have my children grow up in one area where they can easily tell you who their best friend from diapers on is. My son is more of the adventurer and has been to China and Saudi on jobs. He doesn’t mind moving around. My daughter, is more like I am and prefers to stay put in one place.

Anyway, back to Pixie. Like I said, I think she is just too adorable with her dimple piercings, her flair for outrageous clothing, and I was pleasantly surprised to see what a creative make-up artist she is as well. Here’s a quick video that shows her cute, quirky personality.

Do you have any favorite people from a reality show you watch?

2 Responses

  1. Pixie's hot pink highlights in her hair are adorable. I don't have any tattoos, but some of my friends in college did. I never really watched LA Ink. I liked the old Flavor of Love and Rock of Love on VH1 a few years back. Pumpkin spitting on New York was priceless.

  2. Oh yeah, Flavor Flavvvvvveee! He is too funny. New York was a trip. My daughter watched her show and I happened to sit down to watch it with her one day. I asked her who the guy in drag was and she replied, "That's New York's mom." Hmmmmm. Lol

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