Favorite Thing Friday

So what’s this picture about? Anyone recognize this perfume?
I have a little story behind this awesome scent.

Does anyone remember this song by Stevie Wonder?

Both tie into some of my most favorite memories from my childhood.

When we lived in Germany and I was probably around 7 or 8, my parents were good friends with a couple named Sheila and Bernard. Sheila was quite a few years younger than her sweetie and had a strong desire to have children. Bernard, on the other hand, wasn’t so eager to have any more children. So Sheila would have me spend weekends with her and spoil me like nobody’s business. Of course, I didn’t mind. I mean hey, if she needed a little girl to treat like a princess, I was more than up for the job. She’d let me stay up as late as I wanted. I was pampered to the point where she’d settle me in bed, turn the TV on and let me eat my dinner.

I adored Sheila. Her heart really was made out of pure gold. She had a kindness about her which she extended to every person she met. I admired her long, silky straight brunette hair, which flowed down her back. I spent hours playing with her hair. We had so much fun together and I was always a little sad for the weekends to end. 

Sheila always smelled good. I never knew what the scent was and being so young, I didn’t think to ask her. But that scent never left my memory. I spent years sniffing endless perfume samples trying to find the perfume Sheila wore. I’d always end up disappointed. It was hard to explain the scent to the sales people, especially when I didn’t have a clue to any part of the name. Looking back, I’m surprised no one had an intervention for me as I was determined to fulfill my quest!

The usual routine on my weekends with Sheila was for her to pick me up on Friday. She lived a little distance from us so to make it fair, my parents would pick me up on Sunday. My parents would socialize with Sheila and Bernard for a few hours, which I didn’t mind at all. During one of these visits, Sheila and Bernard pulled out a Stevie Wonder record. (Yes, I’m from the days of records and 8-tracks.) They put the song on and both began to sing it to me. I was embarrassed and humbled all at the same time. I think for me, it really marked just how much they both cared for me.

When I was around 14, I wandered into the PX one day and did my normal sniffing. I became ecstatic when I finally came across the scent I identified with Sheila. Memories flooded over me so strongly along with the happiness I felt during the times I spent with her. It was:

Coty Wild Musk!

I snatched up a bottle and I have been buying this perfume ever since. It is a heavier scent so I tend to wear it more during the winter time. In fact, I just sprayed some on me before I started my post. I am smelling very good as I write this!

I don’t know whatever happened to Sheila and Bernard. I like to think that she eventually had the child or children she so desperately wanted. She was definitely one of those women who had a wonderful and natural instinct to nurture and make a child feel like she was on top of the world. 

That’s my Favorite Thing Friday!

What awesome or special memories
 do you have from your childhood?


18 Responses

  1. My mom used to wear a special perfume every time my Dad and her would go out. I remember the smell so distinctly in my brain. What she smelled like when she came home and gave me a kiss and tucked me in. I love linking memories like that!

  2. That is so funny today I put on perfume that reminds me of Florida and Savannah and hanging with my friend Bonnie. It is called Jessica McClintock. I think it has magnolias in it or something.Anyways there ya go. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to my grandma's house, she would force us to play outside, and she would come out with us and let us build stuff out of boxes, find worms and jumprope.She would say, "Don't grow up too quick, you can't get your childhood back of rollerskating and eating icecreams".

  3. What a great memory! Sheila sounds like she would be a wonderful mother. I hope she was able to be one!

  4. That is wonderful that you were able to find that scent that reminded you of Sheila. Just want to say that I found your blog through http://oh.so-very.me/. I always think it is amazing how certain scents or songs can trigger a memory.-Ruthyhttp://superfluousambitions.blogspot.com/

  5. Hi Jenny! It is pretty amazing how we can connect memories with just a mere scent. My mom liked to wear Chanel #5 and White Diamonds. Always makes me think of her.

  6. Hi Elle. Thank you for stopping by. I'll be checking out your blog. Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Zombiemommy! Good to see ya. I haven't heard of that perfume but I bet it does smell good if it smells like magnolias. I love floral scents.Your grandma was a very wise woman! What is it about childhood that makes us want to rush into adulthood? I'm still a big kid at times and plan to always be that way.

  8. Hi Ginny Marie! I hope Sheila was able to become a mommy. She really was an amazing woman and her children would be very lucky.

  9. Hi Ruthy! Thank you for stopping by. I was amazed at how the scent of the perfume never left my memory and when I found it again, it was exactly as I remembered. I'll be by to visit.

  10. It's funny the smells you run into that evoke such a strong memory or emotion. I still haven't figured out what perfume my mom used to wear.

  11. Hi. I was drawn to your blog because of two things. A scent reminding you of childhood memories and Stevie Wonder. Though I have allergic reactions to perfume that I would rather have cologne with a mild scent, we had the same experience of scent that stays with you until get old. In my case. It is my grandmother's scent. Now Stevie Wonder was one of my musical teachers (in my dreams) because I grew up with his music and for me he still is one of the greatest artists of our time.Btw, nice post.

  12. Chelle, did you know that scent is a powerful memory trigger? To this day, the scent of certain things transports me back and it's almost like I'm there. I love to close my eyes and be swept away….Thanks for the sharing your memories, and giving me leave to relive my own.Nice blog.Peace and good, Chellehttp://treatmetoafeast-beloved.blogspot.com/

  13. It's amazing the power scent has in bringing back childhood memories. She sounds like a wonderful person to have had in your life, and I'm sure she remembers those days fondly as well.

  14. Joslin, it is amazing how a scent can transport you back to certain memories. I hope you find the scent your mom use to wear. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Hi Sarah! It was fun sharing my memory. It's almost like I get to spray a little of the memory every time I wear it. I use to work with someone who was extremely sensitive to any type of perfumes or good smell stuff. I remember getting a little heavy handed with the Coty Wild Musk after returning from lunch and I about knocked my co-worker out. Lol. Stevie Wonder is an amazing artist. Truly from a time when music was just really good music. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Hi Chelle! It's been neat to see another Chelle. Although it's been throwing me off on BF. I'll see Chelle and think, I don't remember posting that. Lol.I tend not to wear perfume when I work since it can be a trigger for some people. That's one of the first things I learned working in my field. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. OneMommy, I hope her memories are as fond as mine are. She really was an amazing and giving person. Thanks for stopping by.

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