Tis Monday

My good friend, Monday, is making her way back into my week again. She’s pretty consistent. I’m not dreading her too much today. I’ve been up awhile and feel like it’s going to be a pretty productive day. I had a good week last week with posting and reading blogs, hanging out on Twitter, found a new community to join (more on that in a future post) lining up reviews and giveaways for my other blog, and looking into Triberr. I had wonderful responses to my Favorite Thing Friday and my writing prompt from Bloggy Mom’s. Yep, when the week ends good, the next week has no choice but to start good. (I also found a new reason to put off exercising as you can see. I’ll just have to constantly carry a cup of coffee with me.)

If I could put in a request to Mother Nature,
 it would be for her to pretend that I live in  a warmer climate.
 I do not do cold weather well.
 Even now, I’m freezing. 
But “eye” don’t really see Mother Nature paying much mind to my request.
 I think she’s kin to Monday. 
Enough said!
The last 2 Monday’s have been filled with tornado warnings and extremely strong and cold wind. Hence the request to Mother Nature. 
I would much rather be sweating like I was just a few short months ago.  
Yes, I’d prefer going through a drought vs all this cold stuff. 
Well, since I can’t do anything about this cold weather, I better get to work.
 Yeah, I’m going to do some work.
I don’t know why that Facebook picture is there!!

Hope your week goes great
 and if you’re in cold weather, stay warm!


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