Favorite Thing Friday

Throughout our education, we come across teachers we loved, hated, tolerated, admired, disliked or whatever the circumstances. I’ve had my fair share of each. However, as I was walking the other night, my mind drifted back to the 8th grade.

My Language Arts teacher, Mr. Gilkey, was one of those teachers students didn’t particularly care for. He ran a tight ship and didn’t put up with much nonsense. He expected us to do our work and didn’t allow for social time in his class. What really put him over the top was his love for writing. Mr. Gilkey was an aspiring author who enjoyed sharing his love of writing. I was the only student in his 5th hour class who mirrored his enthusiasm. 

I can remember looking forward to the writing assignments. I didn’t mind spending the weekend working hard on a story we were suppose to write and turn in the following week. I enjoyed listening to the various stories my fellow classmates wrote as much as I enjoyed writing the stories.

Mr. Gilkey was encouraging to me about my love of writing. We’d discuss the various books he was working on, with tid bits of pointers and constructive criticism passed on to me. He probably didn’t even realize the seed he was planting in my young mind but I’m glad he did. 

Do you have a teacher who inspired you in some way?

4 Responses

  1. My daughter definitely has a favorite teacher and he's my favorite teacher of hers too ;). Happy Follow Friday!

  2. My daughter was lucky to have a few good teachers. When she was in elementary school, I'd ask them to change to the next grade so she could have them again. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. yes I do and it was my Senior Year of High school English Teacher. Mr. Harvey taught me how to properly write a paper. He seriously was someone who still stands out in my mind. Thanks for linking up 🙂

  4. It's pretty amazing how teachers can have an impact on us, even years later.

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