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4-Legged Grandchild

Peanut is my newest 4-legged grandchild from my daughter.
I’ve fallen completely in love with her cuteness.
 I became the annoying g-ma who snaps 100 pics a day, 
wanting to show my daughter EVERY one of them.
 Finally, my daughter said, “I see her every day, mom.” 
So, I thought I’d share some random pics of a day in the life of Peanut.
(Just a few; not hundereds)

The day my daughter went to get Peanut,
 the previous owner’s cat attacked her.
Poor baby looked as if she might have a couple of bald spots
 as her head healed up.

You never know when I’ll surprise Peanut
 and take her picture. 
Peanut loves to snooze with me. 

Not sure why she was more willing to pose
 as I caught her  in the car seat.
You know how kids drop crumbs?
Yeah, she likes to go on a search & find mission. 
Being cute and dressed fashionably wears Peanut out.
Here she is getting her beauty sleep.

Do you take pictures of your pets?


2 Responses

  1. Cute.I used to take tons of pics of our dog, not so many now, but still a few. Usually after the kids dress her up somehow with toys…

  2. There's a lady about an hour away from us who sews clothes for pets. I bet she's busy. Lol

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