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Blessing of Friendships

I can say I am blessed to work with 3 wonderful women who have made my life all the better for knowing them.

I’ve known “N” the longest out of the 3. When I started a new job, years ago, the newbies shadowed the seasoned workers. “N” was friendly and didn’t have a problem with a newbie tagging along. From the beginning, she and I just hit it off and talked like old friends.

Jeannie returned to work at the place “N” and I worked. I knew who Jeannie was from hearing about the murder of her daughter and unborn granddaughter. I had a brief encounter with Jeannie before she returned to our workplace and I remember walking away thinking, despite her tragedy and losses, she had one of the most giving and joyful spirits I’d ever seen.

Fast forward about a year of  Jeannie, “N” and I working together. I got the notion I wanted to return to school to get my Masters. I talked Jeannie and “N” into going with me. This is when our friendship really took off. We had a stressful job that wasn’t your typical 9-5. We dealt with some of the more extreme mentally ill, suicide attempts, crisis, and strongly advocating for our clients. Add school on top of the job, and you have 3 very busy women.

Eventually, graduation was upon us. By then, Jeannie was working another job. “N” and I decided to quit our  jobs to concentrate on getting our supervision hours in. During this time, the three of us drifted apart. We’d catch up with each other from time to time but life had become busy and we were each facing challenges of our own.

As life would have it, we ended up sharing the same office space and our friendship took off again as if we’d never parted ways. Then you add “R” in. She just fits in. She’s our fourth, I like to say.

The four of us are so different from each other but yet, we are so alike. We have our days when one or more of us might be a little crabby but we don’t take it personally. If anything, we tease whoever is grumpy so much that you can’t help but become ungrumpy.

Within our friendship, we each have a friendship with the other that is special. Jeannie and I are like the 2 little kids who sneak off to have fun. “N” and I tend to have deeper conversations about things. “R” and I are like sisters separated at birth.

Tonight, the 4 of us went to have dinner together. It was a relaxing evening of picking on each other, laughing, and just enjoying an amazing friendship. I’m blessed to do what I love and to have my 3 wonderful friends to work with at the same time.


3 Responses

  1. I too have been blessed to become life-long friends with some of hte people I have worked with………..it is such the blessing. nice post

  2. Hi Pam, It really does making going into work so much more pleasant and fun.Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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