Who Is This Woman??

I have never been a big sports fan. The only time I took an interest in sports is when my dad signed me up for soccer. I played for a season before moving and quite enjoyed it. Not enough to keep playing but long enough for a season. 

Because I have this aversion to sports, the channels on any television I own is allergic to sports and automatically skips them. Okay, maybe they skip with the help of my finger on the remote but nevertheless, I don’t watch sports.

The elementary schools in our area offer the young students an opportunity to be a future cheerleader during football and basketball season. I remember my daughter taking part in this and it was fun to watch them practice, nervous and unsure and then perform at the games, confident, having fun. Since my children are grown, I get to relive some of those days with my goddaughter who is still in elementary school. 

After rescheduling the basketball game due to snow, the day arrived for us to go watch her. While we were waiting for the performance, we sat in the bleachers. 


I’ll people watch instead. 

Then this strange thing happened!!

I found myself watching the game. And I even knew which team was ours! Nifty how they have different uniforms to help you. 

Soon, I was getting into the intricate plays each team used. I took great delight in seeing Coaches aren’t just serious and argumentative with the referees on TV. They do it at high school games, too! And the referee wasn’t backing down, It was like watching two lawyers battling it out; only on court-side. Now, of course, I had no clue what it meant when whistles were blown, hands flailing in some weird sign language but I kinda got the jest of it when there was a free throw* going on. I have to admit, the opposing team had strong players who never missed their shot during the free throw. 

Then the Varsity team played. I’ve always known you have the JR Varsity and the Varsity teams but never understood why. Until I watched the Varsity team play. They were so much more intense, skills displayed as they played off each other, and man, did they fall. A Lot!

I cheered, I clapped, I hollered. 

I. Had. Fun.!

Me, at a basketball game!

I turned to BoBo and said, pointing to myself, “Who is this woman?”

I’m not saying that I’ll be watching sports all the time but I think if I were to start watching, I’d have to find a favorite basketball team. I tend to root for the underdogs so that’s probably how I’ll make my choice.

It was nice after forty-something years to find out, hey, sports aren’t so bad after all!

*I’m not responsible for using correct sports terms. I think I did though. :)*

What have you found out about yourself which surprised you?

2 Responses

  1. I have a nephew who is originally from CA but had joined the Philippine Basketball Developmental League. We have met thru Facebook and we watch his games live whenever my schedule permits it. I have stopped watching basketball since my father died, I don't' know why but until Alex came here in the country have I realized what I was missing.It is such a great feeling when you cheer and let yourself go while watching a game. And my, he even told his dad that he can hear my yells. Such was my enjoyment that I was able to write a post about him.Wall climbing and hip hop dancing are some of the things I have tried and found that I am good at it. Pole dancing, scuba diving and bungee jumping are one of my to do lists that I want to learn and experience as well.I enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Hi Sarah.I'm sorry to hear about you losing your dad. It is a painful loss.I'm glad you're able to watch basketball again. Your nephew was a blessing in disguise, I believe.It was fun cheering and getting excited at the game. Lol. You would fit right in with my friend who yells the loudest and argues with the calls the refs make from her seat.I don't know about the bungee jumping! You'll have to let me know what that's like when you do it.Thanks for stopping by.

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