Songs From Movies I’ve Watched Lately

The other night, my daughter put on a movie called ‘Pretty Ugly People’. At the end of the movie, a song, ‘Lean Into Me’ caught my attention. I liked the lyrics and the duet but I could not find a video with both Travis Howard and Aimee Allen singing it together. I found the next best thing. (sounds better as a duet)

With Whitney’s death, I’m sure there has been a phenomenal increase in people looking up her songs and movies. I know I watched ‘Waiting To Exhale’ again not long after her death. Here’s one of the songs I love from the movie.

I’m a HUGE fan of Tyler Perry’s movies. I always get caught up in the characters and their lives. And then BAM! Tyler throws a curve you’re not expecting, just like life. This is from ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself.’

This is from ‘Why Did I Get Married Too.’ I haven’t seen the first one yet but I’ve heard it’s better than the second. It’s on my to watch list. 🙂


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