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Life’s Passion or Passionate?

Jeannie and I were talking the other day about 2 horse people she recently met. She and her dad met them through their need to find some kind of device that makes the hay bales square. Apparently, to find the place with said square baler thingy, was further out than they’d anticipated. When Jeannie realized she had set foot on a padded Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) farm, it was well worth the drive.

Jeannie’s life passion has always been horses. She’s been riding and showing since she was a little girl. She often leaves me in stitches as she tells me about the horse trainer who use to make her angry with his no-nonsense approach to her mistakes. On one such occasion, Jeannie was less than thrilled with his “constructive” criticism. Her response was to lock him in the barn and happily go home. She admits, as the night went on, she forgot about him being locked in the barn. He did manage to get out. I was torn between laughing at her antics and being horrified that she would lock him in the barn. But that’s Jeannie for ya!

 Jeannie easily admits that she took a brief intermission for her love of TWH’s about the time period she discovered——->BOYS!  However, she has returned to her life’s passion. 

I enjoy hanging out with Jeannie when she’s around her horses. We both agree we love the smell of the barn. (Yes, that might be a little odd.) But there’s something so pleasant and relaxing about being in her barn with the horses. I admire Jeannie’s ease and comfort she has with her babies. I’m still working on my self-instilled fear of getting kicked by the horses as I walk behind them. (Another post to come about overcoming fears.) Jeannie doesn’t exhibit any type of fear or intimidation by any of her horses. She shows love and an amazing bond she has with each and every one of them.

As Jeannie was talking about her new-found horse friends, I thought, I wonder what it’s like to have a life’s passion about something. Later, I thought about Olympic stars who put so much of their passion, drive, desire, love, need, hunger, whatever it is that pushes them to be the best at  their life’s passion. Then I wondered if I have a life’s passion. 

I know I can be extremely passionate about certain things. But I don’t know that I necessarily have a life’s passion. I love to write but it’s not a burning desire or daily need.  I tend to be interested in learning about a lot of different things. I like new experiences, new lessons. I can be passionate about them. I can enjoy them. Share them with people. I can’t say that any one thing has grabbed me and captured me in the sense of how Jeannie is about her horses, musicians about their music, artists about their paintings, or athletes about their chosen sport. 

What about you? Do you have a life’s passion?


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