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I Did TOO Write That!

As you can tell, I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog. Haven’t posted  much. It’s not that I haven’t had things to say. (A talker always has something to say.) It’s been more of a quiet, reflective time in my life these last few months. I’ve kinda been doing my creative writing, here and there, but I’ve been quiet on that blog, as well. Different topics have fluttered in and out of my mind. That wasn’t the problem. It was the motivation to type it out. That’s where I lost my ooomph! To transfer from my mind to typed word just wasn’t happening. Some days it bothered me more than others. Some days, I figured, every blogger surely goes through this. I didn’t want to post just to be posting. I follow bloggers who take breaks or just have life happening to them. It’s life, right?

I can feel the urge to write on 2 of my blogs coming back. It’s sorta like a balloon being inflated, slowly, but getting there. This past weekend, I did a photo prompt for Trifecta. I liked the story my mind created so when I came into the office today, I pulled it up to show Jeannie. She read my story about  DesmondIt was the conversation right after she read it and later in the day that had me rolling.

Curious about Jeannie’s thoughts, I asked her. She told me: “It’s really good but it doesn’t sound like you.” 

Why do we always have this conversation??

Jeannie went on to explain most people write the way they talk. I’ll give her that. We tease Robin about her reports because she truly does write the way she talks. You can almost hear Robin’s New England accent in her written words. Then Jeannie went on to ask me this————->”How do I know  you didn’t plagiarise this?” Is she serious???? Or is she being Jeannie????? (monkey face again!!!!!) Of course, I ask her. Aloud! Jeannie came up with the theory that maybe I pretended to write the story to play a joke on her. Say what??? (my  monkey face is getting tired!)  “Uh no, Jeannie. Why would I go through all that? It’s just how I write.”

We tabled the conversation to take care of some serious business. A trip to DQ! 

Later that afternoon, as we’re talking about how people have negative images and self-talk, Jeannie suggests we should write a book about the subject. This is my opportunity to tease her for saying I plagiarised! Jeannie’s response to this is:

“You don’t talk like you write. You use big words I don’t hear you say in every day conversation. You sound much more intelligent when you write.” 

By now, I really am ROFL because I know Jeannie is not meaning to come across that way.  She tries to back up, explain again but finally acknowledges she’s just digging a deeper hole! 

I think Jeannie and I will have many variations of this conversation throughout our friendship. We did go on to talk about how Jeannie use to like to write but she doesn’t have time these days. I shared with her an idea I have for a new writing prompt. Jeannie listened and then proceeded to tell me: “You have too much time to think!” I love my Jeannie! 


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