Ever Wonder Why?

Making coffee is so  messy? It doesn’t matter if you’re pouring the water in your coffee pot at home. If it’s at the office. Or a friend’s house. No matter how carefully you aim, take your time to pour, water goes everywhere.

The test you predicted you would pass with flying colors is the one you bomb? And the test you just knew you failed, you passed with flying colors?

On the days you’re having an amazingly B-A-D hair day, those are the days you get the most compliments on your hair? 

If it’s a good or bad thing when someone says: “You don’t look your age?”

When somebody tells you not to do something, it makes you want to do it more? 

Why time drags on when you’re younger and speeds up, runs you over and passes you when you’re older?

When we eat healthier we declare we’re on a diet?


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