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Share Your World

As I was catching up on the blogs I follow, I came across Cee’s Life Photography Blog. I hung around, reading about Cee’s life and liked the idea of ‘Share Your World’.

Here are the four Share Your World questions for this week.

What sound or sounds do you love? This is an easy question for me to answer. There are two sounds I absolutely adore: Wind and Rain. When we’re having storms, I love the sound of the wind as it’s howling through the bending trees and pushing against the house. Last year, tornadoes were quite scary but even so, you’d find me at the door, looking out to watch the wind as it did its song and dance. My daughter thought I was crazy for being so calm during the times of tornadoes being spotted but there is something humbling about recognizing a force so powerful.  I think liking the sound of rain goes along with winds and storms. I find hearing the sheets of rain against the house comforting. It’s during those times I send up a silent prayer to God thanking Him for the blessing of having shelter.
If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be? I would like to be a Tiger Lily. Every year, I am like a kid in anticipation of my Tiger Lilies blooming. Every day, as I wait, I check a hundred times for the first signs of the bloom. Then, when I least expect it, the Tiger Lilies open up.

What is your favorite recipe that was passed down from your mother or grandmother?  Have you mastered it as well as the original? Ah, another easy one. My favorite recipe is ‘German Pancakes.’ One of my favorite memories of my Oma is when she’d make me German pancakes, whether for breakfast or dinner. She’d roll them up for me and put sugar or syrup on the outside. Soooo good. I have tried and tried and tried over the years to make German pancakes as delicious as my Oma and mom to no avail. I cannot, for some reason, get the pancakes to taste as delicious as my Oma’s or my mom’s. I have tried different ideas, asked my mom over and over before she passed away; I can’t make them like they did. 😦 But I haven’t given up yet!

What is your favorite genre for novels, and why? Ah man, I have to have one favorite? Okay, if I had to narrow it down to one, it would be true-crime. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated, curious, and sometimes stunned by the behavior of people. I think of it in terms of, how do things happen, what makes one person travel down a road of destruction and death, are childhoods to blame, has our society become immune to violence and why does the US have 85% of the serial killers in the world? I considered being a profiler at one time when someone suggested going into the FBI for the education and training. For now, I am content with the hours of ‘research’ I do watching shows and reading.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for participating. I used to live in Denver, and I loved the storms that would come through. The wind and rain. Fortunately most of the tornadoes were always way east of me. Great answers.

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  3. Visiting from Exposure 99% weekday hop. Please follow me back at http://www.myrafrancis.blogspot.com!

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