Unspoken Pain

The other day, while I was at the office, “R” told me about the memorial service of a man who’d committed suicide. It always hurts my heart when I hear about someone committing suicide. I think about the person who made and followed through with the permanent decision to end their life. I think about family members and friends who are left behind. It’s during those times I feel the true power of helplessness. When I wish I had the power to embrace the world and rid it of its pain and disappointments.

It turns out I know the man who ended his life. I recalled the last couple of times I’d seen him. I scoured my memory to see if I had glimpsed a clue and didn’t realize it. I wondered how his wife and children were doing. I thought about all of the gossip surrounding the reasons as to why he ended his life. And I hurt so bad. For him. For his kids. For his wife. For everyone who knows him and suffers a great loss.

When I decided to do this post, I didn’t know National Suicide Prevention Week is from September 9th -15th but I want to share some information with you. I hope you will pass this information on. You never know when someone might be thinking about ending his or her own life.

National Events

Sunday, September 9th-Show Off Your Awareness Ribbon

The purple and turquoise Suicide Prevention Ribbon symbolizes suicide awareness and prevention and serves as a reminder that suicide is an issue we need to talk about. Download a ribbon avatar and make it your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter during National Suicide Prevention Week.

Monday, September 10th-Celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day

Tell your co-workers, friends, and family that preventing suicide is important by wearing turquoise and purple in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Tuesday, September 11th-Get the Digits Day

Save the Lifeline number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) in your phone and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You never know when someone may need the number.

Wednesday, September 12th-Learn the Warning Signs

Every 15 minutes someone takes their life. Spend 1 minute learning the warning signs and learn how to prevent suicide.

Thursday, September 13th-Make a “Reasons to Call” Sign

There are a million reasons to call the Lifeline. We asked people to make a sign telling others why they should call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or why they have called themselves. Get inspired by viewing the 200 signs on the Lifeline’s Facebook page—and please make and upload your own.

Friday, September 14th-Join a Twitter Chat

We all have a role to play in suicide prevention. Find out what you can do in your community, workplace, or circle by attending the 800272TALK’s first-ever Twitter chat. Time TBD.

 Saturday, September 15th-Make a My Lifeline Video

Help prevent suicide by making your own My Lifeline explaining why you have called the Lifeline—or a video telling other people why they should call when they are struggling. Learn more about making a video here.

Here are some signs to look for in someone who may be suicidal:

  • Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves.
  • Looking for a way to kill themselves, such as searching online or buying a gun
  • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live.
  • Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain.
  • Talking about being a burden to others.
  • Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly.
  • Sleeping too little or too much.
  • Withdrawing or isolating themselves.
  • Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge.
  • Displaying extreme mood swings.

If you or someone you know is suicidal, there is help. There are people who care and will help you.

Lifeline at 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


3 Responses

  1. The list of signs is very helpful. Sigh…. there was a low point in my life that I had some of the symptoms- not that I was ever serious about it but I was truly very depressed and felt that the world held no meaning. I am so thankful when I finally snapped out of it.

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