All I Want Is My Two Front Teeth

I’ve had quite a few people tell me, ‘I don’t dream.’  I’ve read and heard we all dream but most people don’t remember them. Aside from liking sleep because it’s sleep, I look forward to the dreams my mind creates. Most of the time, I don’t ‘read’ into my dreams or try to understand what they mean. Typically, I just think of my dreams as movies while I’m sleeping. But every once in a while, I will have a dream which makes me curious and open to trying to interpret what my mind created.

I have a couple of recurrent dreams: One where I have the ability to jump high, high, in the air, almost as if I have wings and can fly. It never fails, I end up jumping too high, get that scared feeling in my stomach, and then figure, enjoy the ride! (Once the fear has subsided, I realize I can control the flight down.)

The other dream, is where my teeth are either loose or they fall out. Usually, I can put my teeth back where they were but always with the apprehension they might fall out again. Up until the most recent dream, the loose teeth were my back teeth. This time, however, it was my two front teeth. It caused me great anxiety in this dream because teeth missing from the back of your mouth aren’t as obvious when you smile. Missing front teeth are obvious when you smile. And I’m a big cheeser!

It made me curious about what losing my teeth could symbolize so I went to see what the internet had to show me.

A common theme I came across is that dreams of losing teeth symbolize the loss of youth or anxiety of getting older. Hmmm, when I thought about it, I realized lately I have been taking a look at my age and mortality. I’ve peeked in the mirror and have noticed wrinkles becoming more apparent to me. My once thick hair, isn’t so thick.  I can see a correlation between the two.

Interestingly, teeth also represents family. Your upper teeth represent male family members and your lower teeth represent female family members. Front teeth represent siblings and kids. Molars represent your parents and grandparents, whereas the other teeth represent aunts and uncles. Go figure, huh? I have an idea about the front teeth theory I will share at a later time. (I’ve had some interesting dynamics and life changes over the last nine months, to say the least.)

There was also some talk about losing teeth which could mean you want to ‘sink your teeth into something major’ or perhaps, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. I’d have to say that both are probably true for me at this point, although the lines aren’t too clear for now.

I found the possible meaning of my dream to be interesting in how it can relate to my life. But I will admit, I was more intrigued and tickled to find a frog with missing teeth, seeing how I collect frogs! 

Do you have a recurring dream? What is it about it? What do you think it means? 


4 Responses

  1. I get the teeth dream from time to time. But what I really get is water dreams. It’s always clean water and flooding or waves that flood. From the little bit I’ve read it’s when I get overwhelmed.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever really had a water dream. Interesting though. I’d think of a cleansing of sorts with water but the flooding and waves would put a different twist on it.

  2. Chelle, at some point in my life, I have one or the other theme. When I was under severe stress, I often dreamt of flying while being pursued by monsters- I guess that was my subconscious self wanting to escape from it all. There was a time too when I dreamt of falling teeth. It used to scare me because in the Philippines, such dream was associated with death of someone close. I have another dream theme – water – in all forms and various state of purity. The clearer the water, the happier I seem in my waking life.

    • Hmm, interesting to be flying while being pursued by monsters. I think your interpretation is right on.
      I had another dream about my teeth crumbling after I did this post. I thought it was interesting because I typically don’t have that type of dream often, let alone twice in a week. Kinda makes sense about the dream being associated with death. I did lose my mom nine months ago and after 43 years, my bio dad has found me but he’s in need of a heart transplant. That would make sense why I’d have two dreams so close together.
      Water can be quite soothing and then terrifying like Cee stated.
      Our mind is an amazing masterpiece.
      Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

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