All In A Day Of Working

Sometimes, Jeannie and I have gaps of time in between appointments.

Typically, we go to eat.

So we did.

Then we ended up with another gap of time.

So we went to check on a few of her horses. And got stuck in the mud.

Picture, if  you will:

Two self-appointed princesses telling  the other to get out and push!

Uh, not happening.

We called for help and after a good chewing out, the car was rescued.

And we went back to work!

I love days like this!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

We were asked, "When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??"

We were asked, “When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??”


Can you believe Lady is 30?

Happy is going to be bred. I didn't recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Happy is going to be bred. I didn’t recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???


My Laughter For The Week!

Mama Kat wants to know what made me laugh this week! I believe laughter and a sense of humor are extremely important. I can find humor in the silliest things. It’s not unusual for friends to quickly learn I can amuse myself like a comic on open mic night.  Here’s some of the antics which put a grin on my face.

The crazy spam I get! No matter how many times I check, I just can’t find that part of my body which can grow an extra 3 inches by the grace of some miracle pill. But I don’t fret too much about it since I have people from all over the world wanting to put millions of dollars into my bank account. How lucky can a girl get? For that kind of money, I can buy any body part in triplet! No, I’m not interested in meeting a cougar. Honey, I AM a cougar! Just kidding. Kinda. In a way.

Jeannie’s latest thing, to do this week, is to hit me in my belly! Really?? If you read my A Super Sweet Blogging Award, you’ll understand why I find humor in this. But what cracks me up the most about it is she looks like a little kid who’s up to no good as she accomplishes her quest.  And then today, she tells someone she likes hitting me in the belly because of the way her hand bounces off my fat!

How easily I can’t tell our cats apart from strays. I think there’s an underground network of stray cats telling each other to show up at my house for food because I can’t tell one cat apart from another. It doesn’t matter if my contacts are in or not, or if it’s day or night. WB went out the other night, a very rare thing, so when I heard him calling to come back in, I went out to get him. I called him, he meowed and came running to me. Only thing was, it wasn’t WB but some other stray cat! Who didn’t look anything like WB. Time for an eye exam, maybe????

I had a short but busy day of work and was looking forward to a fresh cup of coffee and the cheese pizza I cooked when I came home. Just as I was taking my pizza out of the oven, “R” called me. She wanted me to run to the office with her to check something out with her fan. Sure, why not? Turns out, “R” was interested in seeing if the fan would shock me. That way she could determine if it was static electricity or just plain ol’ electricity. Uh no. I wouldn’t do it.

I must have been harboring a secret fear the world was going to suffer an egg shortage. Came home tonight to put the groceries away to find two other cartons of eggs in fridge. Wonder what recipes I’ll find using eggs.

I don’t know why this granny was posted on Epic Fail. I think she has the right idea. Go to the gym to watch hot, sweaty men work out and have yourself a drink. Lot less than paying for tickets to watch Chippendale dancers, don’tcha think? Can’t wait for my golden years!


Mama’s Losin’ It

A Super Sweet Blogging Award! :)

Why hello! It tis I! Yep, I’m still alive and around. I’ve posted a million times! In my mind. Things have been crazy busy and ultra life-changing on soooo many levels. It’s amazing what life can and will hand you when you least  expect it. That being said, I was very surprised when Lisa nominated me for a bloggy award.  I’d almost forgotten about awards until Lisa nudged a well-hidden memory.

Check out Lisa’s blog,  Road to Nowhere…

This is probably one of the more yummy awards! Ah, if only these were real!


1. Cookies or Cake? This is an easy one for me. Although I love cookies, especially homemade chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, I will pick cake any day. Especially a chocolate cake dripping with ooeey, gooeey chocolate frosting. A close second, is a vanilla cake with ooeey, gooeey chocolate frosting. THE BEST CAKE EVER: My Oma use to make it for me, especially around my birthday. It was a three-layer cake, close to sponge cake, homemade whipped cream, and sliced bananas and mandarin oranges. Oh yes, my little snout and curly tail would appear each and every time Oma made this cake.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Picture it, if you will, *in my best Sophia Petrillo voice.* I am dancing,  head thrown back,  arms to the sides, flopping with each bounce of my feet tap dancing away. I resemble Snoopy doing his happy dance. And I owe it all to: CHOCOLATE! That is all there is to say on that one.

3.What is your favorite sweet treat: Cheesecake or  frozen Yogurt? Cheesecake. New York Style Cheesecake. Cheesecake with strawberries. Homemade cheesecake. Frozen cheesecake. Jello made cheesecake.

4.When do you crave sweet things the most? From the time my eyes reluctantly open in the too soon arriving morning until they close again for a night of slumber. It’s been 2 months since I’ve quit smoking and sweets have become my new addiction. Yes, the poundage does show I’ve switched addictions but hey, one thing at a time, right?

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Quite honestly, if it was in the here and now, I would have to go with Jelly Belly. Cuz this girl has got a belly on her these days. No, better yet: Jello Jelly Belly. Cuz this girl’s belly got the jiggly that would put Jello to shame!

Those were fun questions to answer. Now I’m off to do my Baker’s dozen. No pressure to anyone I list. I thought this was fun and it’s been a good while since my last bloggy award. 

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Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop Prompt

One of the prompts for this week from Mama’s Losin’ It! is right up my alley. I chose:  Do you love YouTube? Share five of your all time favorite YouTube videos. Choosing which prompt I wanted to do was the easy part. Having to narrow down my favorite videos to a mere 5 was the hard part.

5. I can remember being a little girl and just singing my heart out when this song came on the radio. Of course, it didn’t really matter to me what The Manhattan’s song was about. I just liked the lyrics. However, I did think the song was about a man having to let his maid go. Don’t ask me how I came up with this but it did give me a good chuckle when, as an adult, I heard the song again and understood what it was really about.

4. If you read my blog, you know I like me some Tequila! No feet discrimination, I say!

3. Remember when you were just starting out with make-up? Did anyone else start off with the light blue and pink eye shadow?? Man, that was so popular when I was in Junior High. I think what makes me chuckle about men and make-up, is how much they don’t pay attention to the process we go through. Even when their wife does make-up videos.

2. One motivational speaker I NEVER get tired of listening to is Les Brown. I follow him on Twitter and have liked his Facebook page. Recently, he started a group on Facebook and I was excited to get an invite to the group.

1. I came across Katie Piper’s story as I was browsing through YouTube one day. Katie had the misfortune of meeting a man who changed her life in a way you wouldn’t imagine. Although Katie had a tough time at some points, she managed to turn things around and share her struggles with the world. I admire people like Katie because sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the not just the power of thought but having the strength to have that power.

Non-Bloggers Just Don’t Understand

It’s safe to say, Jeannie doesn’t bat an eye when I whip out my trusty ol’ phone and start taking pictures. She’s use to it and  knows I’m always on the lookout for a blogging topic. But when you enter  in the people who aren’t use to me taking pictures, they give me that odd look. You can see it written all over their faces: ‘Why is she taking a picture of that?’ Jeannie, on the other hand, will say, ‘Hey, you forgot to take a picture of your food!’  OR ‘Here’s a good picture for you take.’

So, to my non-blogging friends, I’m just a little camera happy but that’s okay. I capture funny and wonderful memories that make up the pieces of my life.

A great reminder of the evening spent
having dinner with family and friends.

Once he decided I was okay,
he was full face in my camera.

Jeannie couldn’t wait to try to pet the goats.
I was more leery,
picturing the goat trying to head-butt us!

Just a lil of the mess Jeannie prepared for “R’s” birthday. My birthday is next month and “R” has already promised some type of payback!

Who knew a ‘pig stick’ could be so pretty?

Why yes, horses wear leg warmers
and are big fans of the ’80’s!

Jibbering (3)

Why is it when both of your headlights work, you always notice how many cars there are with just one headlight working. Then, when you only have one headlight working, you don’t see any other cars with just one headlight?

It’s been extremely hot here in MO. As I was sweating and driving, I passed a police car. Of course I quickly looked down to make sure I’m not speeding. But then I wondered, how many cars get pulled over when it’s this hot? Is it worth it to the police officer to step out into the sweltering heat just to write a ticket?

Deadlines. We all know that means you’re suppose to have a goal accomplished by that date, right? So why do I take it as; you have to wait until the last minute to accomplish your goal? Who says I can’t actually accomplish it before the deadline? And why don’t I?

Why is it I can think of soooooo many things to blog about but when it comes down to being in front of the computer, someone erased my brain like an etch and sketch?

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July
 my blogger friends and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking Back on the Early Days of Blogging

It’s hard to believe just a few short months ago,
 I started blogging. 
*Sigh*      How the time has flown. 

Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic. I did just look at my archives and read the very first blog I posted. I can’t say I know a whole lot more today but I have made some strides. I am finding the world of blogging to be very fascinating. 

My mind can start off kinda simple. I learned about blogger when someone on Facebook I know would share her posts. In my mind, that’s the place you went to blog. Because you see, there are no other sites to blog on. Yep, that was my little train of thought. I debated on and off about blogging. On the one hand, I’m a pretty private person. I work in a field where I have to keep my privacy so I don’t endanger my family or friends. On the other hand, I love to write. I love the feel of the social community of bloggers. 

When I finally took the step, I started expanding my little train. I came across Bloggy Moms. I became interested in a blog  and when I wanted to read more, I was faced with signing up. I debated. How many times have I signed up for something just to go there one time and never again. Getting those e-mail reminders clogs things up. Oh, what the heck. Now I faced the dilemma of having 2 blogs to maintain. *woe is me, how ever will I manage*  I really liked the set up of Bloggy Moms and thought, I’ll just blog here. Look at me, I’m a-blogging on my new blog. Uh-huh, uh-huh. I start reading more of the blogs on Bloggy Moms  and have a shut-the-door moment! Look, you can link to your main blog! Yep, the train is getting a little bigger ladies and gentleman. 

All aboard!

Then I start learning about things like wordpress, numbers, getting followers, things like that. Hmmm, sounds too complicated for this kid. Size of my train is just right. No need to stir things up with followers and stats. Sheesh, who’s worried about that? Not me!


I’m looking around Bloggy Moms and I see that I’m on a list! What? Really?? I don’t blog that much. But hey, looky here!!!! I’m in the top 20! That’s me! Wow. I’m just getting started in the blogging world and already I am ranking. *time to start working on that award speech*  (insert line from Michael Jackson’s song: Who’s Bad?) Well, nothing like a stroke to the blogging ego. That’s right. That’s right. I blogged again today. Don’t be hatin’. It’s all good. And during this process, I also learned how to figure out my stats on blogger. Oh look, I had 1 page view. That’s a good sign. Yeah, yeah. I’m the beast, I tell ya!

Through it all, this has been fun learning about the various things associated with blogging. I know I have just begun to enter into the blog world. But I’m excited to see what’s out there. I am excited to see how my personality and writing style emerge as I become more comfortable with blogging. I go on so many blogs and love the flow of the words or how the blog is designed. At first, I pressured myself about what my style should be but now, I remind myself, it’s all a learning process. I’ll come across things I want to incorporate and some things won’t be my style or taste. It’s all good. 

What was it like for you when you first started blogging?

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