Had To Share This

Monday was one of those days where I needed some inspiration and motivation to deal with the multitude of things being thrown at me. I came across a YouTube video with Joel Olsteen and decided to take a listen to it. I wasn’t sure if the title applied to my current frustrations but I thought, ‘Why not?’ Turns out, it did apply directly and indirectly to my situation. I thought it was worth sharing with you guys.

Who gives you inspiration and motivation during those frustrating times???


Are You Up For The Challenge????

One of the lovely side effects of being a non-smoker is the amazing amount of weight you can gain.

I promised myself I wouldn’t trip over packing on the pounds.

And I haven’t. Too much. I’ve tried a couple of half-hearted attempts at exercising.

And Then!

I Saw This!


My best friend and I have decided to do this challenge. Our plan is to do our workout Monday through Friday. (We’ll need the weekend to recuperate the first week!) I wanted to put this out there for you guys to see if you’re interested in joining us. I will be putting up daily reports on how we fared on my tumblr: whosthathchelle

All In A Day Of Working

Sometimes, Jeannie and I have gaps of time in between appointments.

Typically, we go to eat.

So we did.

Then we ended up with another gap of time.

So we went to check on a few of her horses. And got stuck in the mud.

Picture, if  you will:

Two self-appointed princesses telling  the other to get out and push!

Uh, not happening.

We called for help and after a good chewing out, the car was rescued.

And we went back to work!

I love days like this!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

We were asked, "When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??"

We were asked, “When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??”


Can you believe Lady is 30?

Happy is going to be bred. I didn't recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Happy is going to be bred. I didn’t recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???

My Laughter For The Week!

Mama Kat wants to know what made me laugh this week! I believe laughter and a sense of humor are extremely important. I can find humor in the silliest things. It’s not unusual for friends to quickly learn I can amuse myself like a comic on open mic night.  Here’s some of the antics which put a grin on my face.

The crazy spam I get! No matter how many times I check, I just can’t find that part of my body which can grow an extra 3 inches by the grace of some miracle pill. But I don’t fret too much about it since I have people from all over the world wanting to put millions of dollars into my bank account. How lucky can a girl get? For that kind of money, I can buy any body part in triplet! No, I’m not interested in meeting a cougar. Honey, I AM a cougar! Just kidding. Kinda. In a way.

Jeannie’s latest thing, to do this week, is to hit me in my belly! Really?? If you read my A Super Sweet Blogging Award, you’ll understand why I find humor in this. But what cracks me up the most about it is she looks like a little kid who’s up to no good as she accomplishes her quest.  And then today, she tells someone she likes hitting me in the belly because of the way her hand bounces off my fat!

How easily I can’t tell our cats apart from strays. I think there’s an underground network of stray cats telling each other to show up at my house for food because I can’t tell one cat apart from another. It doesn’t matter if my contacts are in or not, or if it’s day or night. WB went out the other night, a very rare thing, so when I heard him calling to come back in, I went out to get him. I called him, he meowed and came running to me. Only thing was, it wasn’t WB but some other stray cat! Who didn’t look anything like WB. Time for an eye exam, maybe????

I had a short but busy day of work and was looking forward to a fresh cup of coffee and the cheese pizza I cooked when I came home. Just as I was taking my pizza out of the oven, “R” called me. She wanted me to run to the office with her to check something out with her fan. Sure, why not? Turns out, “R” was interested in seeing if the fan would shock me. That way she could determine if it was static electricity or just plain ol’ electricity. Uh no. I wouldn’t do it.

I must have been harboring a secret fear the world was going to suffer an egg shortage. Came home tonight to put the groceries away to find two other cartons of eggs in fridge. Wonder what recipes I’ll find using eggs.

I don’t know why this granny was posted on Epic Fail. I think she has the right idea. Go to the gym to watch hot, sweaty men work out and have yourself a drink. Lot less than paying for tickets to watch Chippendale dancers, don’tcha think? Can’t wait for my golden years!


Mama’s Losin’ It

Non-Bloggers Just Don’t Understand

It’s safe to say, Jeannie doesn’t bat an eye when I whip out my trusty ol’ phone and start taking pictures. She’s use to it and  knows I’m always on the lookout for a blogging topic. But when you enter  in the people who aren’t use to me taking pictures, they give me that odd look. You can see it written all over their faces: ‘Why is she taking a picture of that?’ Jeannie, on the other hand, will say, ‘Hey, you forgot to take a picture of your food!’  OR ‘Here’s a good picture for you take.’

So, to my non-blogging friends, I’m just a little camera happy but that’s okay. I capture funny and wonderful memories that make up the pieces of my life.

A great reminder of the evening spent
having dinner with family and friends.

Once he decided I was okay,
he was full face in my camera.

Jeannie couldn’t wait to try to pet the goats.
I was more leery,
picturing the goat trying to head-butt us!

Just a lil of the mess Jeannie prepared for “R’s” birthday. My birthday is next month and “R” has already promised some type of payback!

Who knew a ‘pig stick’ could be so pretty?

Why yes, horses wear leg warmers
and are big fans of the ’80’s!

How A Friendship Begins

When I was in 7th grade, my parents decided to buy a house and move us off post. I was heartbroken because it meant leaving my friend, Mickey. Sure, we were only minutes apart  but it felt like miles. We talked on the phone every day. Eventually, I adjusted to my new school and friends. And I still did my daily talks with Mickey. 

Of course, a lot of our daily conversations centered around the cute boys! My topic of conversation was Tim. He was sooooo hot! He had that nice pretty light brown hair, styled to perfection. Deep brown eyes. The cutest face. Yep, I was smitten by hottie Tim. During one particular conversation, I noticed Mickey wasn’t keeping up with her usual animated chatter. Curious, I asked what was wrong. She kinda hem and hawed around. It took some prodding but eventually, Mickey spilled the beans.

A new girl, named Jennie, had moved on post after I left. Mickey and Jennie became friends and often talked. In fact, Jennie and Mickey seemed to be having conversations similar to ours. Hmmm, turns out Tim was not just my boyfriend but Jennie’s boyfriend as well. 

Oh no
he dit-int!

Mickey had put two and two together from the conversations. She thought we should both know he was two-timing us. Jennie broke up with Tim when she found out and asked Mickey to pass a message on to me. She apologized and said she hoped I wasn’t angry with her. Angry with her???!!!  Oh, I wasn’t angry with Jennie. It was Tim who did wrong to both of us. I told Mickey to let Jennie know I was not angry with her because it wasn’t her fault. I promptly broke up with Tim! 

Jennie and I didn’t officially meet until we went to high school. During that time, we went to separate middle schools based on where we lived. It wasn’t until high school when the Army brats and civilian kids were put together. Tim had moved long before we could all be reunited.

Jennie and I hit it off in person and had a good laugh about our “introduction” to each other. We hung out from time to time during those years and remained friends. During our senior year,  Jennie became a wife and a mommy. Not long after graduation, she moved to be with her military husband. I became a mom about a year after graduation.

Three years later, Jennie moved back. Her life had moved on from her marriage and she had fallen in love and was expecting her second child. Out of the blue, on a Saturday, I received a call. It was Jennie. She’d looked me up and wanted to know if I was interested in taking our kids to the zoo. Sure, why not? My other alternative was to clean.  During the hour drive, we caught up with each other and it was as if we’d never lost touch.

Jennie and I are so different. When you see us together, you will see Jennie: tall, auburn hair, freckles, blue eyes, very fair complected and oh so quiet. Then you have me: almost as tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes, darker complected, and talkative. We complement each other well. Jennie is the calmer of the two of us. I tend to be the one who can be more high strong.

We have similarities as well. We both have a great sense of humor, play off each other’s zaniness well, have each other’s backs no matter the situation, are each other’s voice of reason, and can spend hours on the phone not saying a word and content in the silence.

One of the things I love about Jennie is her sweet nature. She is the most non-judgmental person I have ever met in my life. You can tell her the most outrageous story of your life and she won’t make a judgment call on you. A very accepting person. But I will tell you this, you don’t ever want to tick her off. Through our friendship, we’ve met the men the other has dated. I always warn them, don’t make her mad. It takes her a looooooonnnggg time but when she gets to that point, duck! Yep, as you might have guessed, there’s always that one who doesn’t heed my warning! It kinda reminds me of the saying: Don’t take my kindness for weakness. Just because Jennie is extremely laid back and the quiet type, it doesn’t mean you can walk all over her.

Jennie has two adult children and eight years to go with the youngest. They are my god-children. The oldest is the spitting image of Jennie. The younger two are spitting images of each other. The two oldest have their mom’s laid back manner. The youngest is a spitfire and keeps us in stitches with her flair for the dramatic. She also bears my first name for her middle name. I call her Lil Chelle. (My daughter’s name is Jennie and my name combined.) We both share the heartache  having lost babies.

At some point in our friendship, I came up with this extremely long, goofy nickname for Jennie. In fact, it was so complicated, the only part I could remember was BoBolicious. Don’t ask me where I came up with that. Over the years, it’s been shortened to BoBo. No matter the time or the distance, we’ve always remained best friends. We already know we’re gonna be the wild roomies in the nursing home! I look forward to that.

Yeah bay-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

When people ask us how we met, we always smile and start laughing. We love to tell a good story. The typical response is: You weren’t mad at each other? Nope, why should we be? Tim was the one in the wrong, not us. Why would we be mad at each other? Besides, if Tim hadn’t been two-timing, I would have never met my best friend!

How did you meet your best friend?

I Did TOO Write That!

As you can tell, I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog. Haven’t posted  much. It’s not that I haven’t had things to say. (A talker always has something to say.) It’s been more of a quiet, reflective time in my life these last few months. I’ve kinda been doing my creative writing, here and there, but I’ve been quiet on that blog, as well. Different topics have fluttered in and out of my mind. That wasn’t the problem. It was the motivation to type it out. That’s where I lost my ooomph! To transfer from my mind to typed word just wasn’t happening. Some days it bothered me more than others. Some days, I figured, every blogger surely goes through this. I didn’t want to post just to be posting. I follow bloggers who take breaks or just have life happening to them. It’s life, right?

I can feel the urge to write on 2 of my blogs coming back. It’s sorta like a balloon being inflated, slowly, but getting there. This past weekend, I did a photo prompt for Trifecta. I liked the story my mind created so when I came into the office today, I pulled it up to show Jeannie. She read my story about  DesmondIt was the conversation right after she read it and later in the day that had me rolling.

Curious about Jeannie’s thoughts, I asked her. She told me: “It’s really good but it doesn’t sound like you.” 

Why do we always have this conversation??

Jeannie went on to explain most people write the way they talk. I’ll give her that. We tease Robin about her reports because she truly does write the way she talks. You can almost hear Robin’s New England accent in her written words. Then Jeannie went on to ask me this————->”How do I know  you didn’t plagiarise this?” Is she serious???? Or is she being Jeannie????? (monkey face again!!!!!) Of course, I ask her. Aloud! Jeannie came up with the theory that maybe I pretended to write the story to play a joke on her. Say what??? (my  monkey face is getting tired!)  “Uh no, Jeannie. Why would I go through all that? It’s just how I write.”

We tabled the conversation to take care of some serious business. A trip to DQ! 

Later that afternoon, as we’re talking about how people have negative images and self-talk, Jeannie suggests we should write a book about the subject. This is my opportunity to tease her for saying I plagiarised! Jeannie’s response to this is:

“You don’t talk like you write. You use big words I don’t hear you say in every day conversation. You sound much more intelligent when you write.” 

By now, I really am ROFL because I know Jeannie is not meaning to come across that way.  She tries to back up, explain again but finally acknowledges she’s just digging a deeper hole! 

I think Jeannie and I will have many variations of this conversation throughout our friendship. We did go on to talk about how Jeannie use to like to write but she doesn’t have time these days. I shared with her an idea I have for a new writing prompt. Jeannie listened and then proceeded to tell me: “You have too much time to think!” I love my Jeannie! 

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