All In A Day Of Working

Sometimes, Jeannie and I have gaps of time in between appointments.

Typically, we go to eat.

So we did.

Then we ended up with another gap of time.

So we went to check on a few of her horses. And got stuck in the mud.

Picture, if  you will:

Two self-appointed princesses telling  the other to get out and push!

Uh, not happening.

We called for help and after a good chewing out, the car was rescued.

And we went back to work!

I love days like this!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

We were asked, "When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??"

We were asked, “When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??”


Can you believe Lady is 30?

Happy is going to be bred. I didn't recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Happy is going to be bred. I didn’t recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???


Non-Bloggers Just Don’t Understand

It’s safe to say, Jeannie doesn’t bat an eye when I whip out my trusty ol’ phone and start taking pictures. She’s use to it and  knows I’m always on the lookout for a blogging topic. But when you enter  in the people who aren’t use to me taking pictures, they give me that odd look. You can see it written all over their faces: ‘Why is she taking a picture of that?’ Jeannie, on the other hand, will say, ‘Hey, you forgot to take a picture of your food!’  OR ‘Here’s a good picture for you take.’

So, to my non-blogging friends, I’m just a little camera happy but that’s okay. I capture funny and wonderful memories that make up the pieces of my life.

A great reminder of the evening spent
having dinner with family and friends.

Once he decided I was okay,
he was full face in my camera.

Jeannie couldn’t wait to try to pet the goats.
I was more leery,
picturing the goat trying to head-butt us!

Just a lil of the mess Jeannie prepared for “R’s” birthday. My birthday is next month and “R” has already promised some type of payback!

Who knew a ‘pig stick’ could be so pretty?

Why yes, horses wear leg warmers
and are big fans of the ’80’s!

Stormy Monday

Ah yes, our good friend Monday has rolled around yet again. The past few days have been crazy hot but today had a little twist to it. Most of us were hoping for a good soaking whereas Jeannie was not. Her dad has been spending the last few days baling hay for her horses and she did not want her bales getting wet. (Don’t forget to check out the contest we have going on to name Jeannie’s new Colt.)

Before the storm hit, I took some pictures and while we were driving around in it. Hey, we had to do some shopping. Rain won’t stop us. A little thunder won’t stop us. Although, the lightning did make us kinda second guess our trip. But it still didn’t stop us!

I love how half the sky was blue and the other half with dark clouds.

The storm hit in certain parts of the area and didn’t touch down in others.

This is what my porch looks like after a nice down pour.

My poor plant received a little bit of a mud bath.

Name the Colt Contest

As some of you know, Jeannie is a great friend and business partner of mine. I blog about her from time to time. One of the things you learn about Jeannie, quickly, is her passion for horses. She has been raising and riding horses since she was a young girl. Jeannie introduced me to the world of Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters, and the amazing talent you find in the horse circles.

You never know when you might head out to trade or buy a new horse with Jeannie. I always look forward to the road trips, despite My First Horse Injury.

We will be taking another trip in August to pick up a new colt. As we were talking about the upcoming trip, Jeannie surprised me by suggesting we hold a contest to name the colt. The winner will receive a homemade candle poured by Jeannie herself.

I’ve learned there are some unique and original names for horses. To help give you an idea, here are the names for the colt’s parents:

Sire-(dad): Playboys Sunset Gold

Dam-(mom): Legendary Madam

The nameless colt was born in April of 2012. Right now he is sorrel (see picture below) but he will turn grey as he gets older. Isn’t he cute?

I have a new home now I need a name.

We will be running the contest from today until July 6, 2012. Please leave a comment with your suggestion and email address. We will announce the winner on July 14, 2012. Good luck and I’m looking forward to the names your minds will create.

My First Horse Related Injury

*If you don’t like looking at injuries, 
you might not want to read this post.*

Jeannie is forever trading, selling, or buying a horse.
 She goes to all kinds of horse sites to trade, sell, or buy. 
The good thing about Jeannie’s  inability to become attached 
desire to find that perfect horse is: A road trip!!!!!!!!!!

Initially, one of our other friends was suppose to go with us. 
I was glad to find that out, especially when Jeannie informed me that her 
soon-to-be-new-horse apparently didn’t like to load.
 And then at the last minute, it was just Jeannie and I headed out 
on that three hour trip. 

The trip was uneventful for the most part. Jeannie cracked me up, as usual.
 I read the directions, she’d argue with me about how far we’d actually traveled before the next turn, I’d reassure her we still had 9 miles out of the 10 to go
 or whatever the distance; the usual banter. 

We arrive at our destination.
 I fell in love with Lily as soon as I went up to pet her. 
She had such a sweet disposition as I stroked her nose.
 I declared to Jeannie I loved Lily and she was a keeper. 

And then, it was time to load Lily. 

I’m standing on the outside of the trailer, with the rope through the slots,
 as is “S” on her side. I had one rope in my hands, “S” had a rope in hers, and Jeannie was behind Lily trying to coax her onto the trailer.  Lily was scared but she wasn’t bucking going all crazy scared. That was a good sign. After several minutes, we get one leg on the trailer. YAY! Which quickly turned into: OUCH!

Lily didn’t like the sound of her hoof on the metal and bolted backwards, pulling me with her. That was the first of my injuries
I thought my wrist was in the very least fractured if not broken.
  Jeannie asks if I’m hurt. 
I tell her yeah.
 She says, okay, keep holding the rope! 
Say whaaaaattttt???? 

So, I put my big girl panties on.

This time, we almost have Lily all the way loaded onto the trailer. And I find out how strong Lily is as she bolts like lightening out of the trailer, dragging me even farther with her. I finally let go of the rope when I look down and see my ring embedded in my finger and blood flowing.

At this point, Jeannie asked me if I still loved Lily.
 Guess she thought she was funny.

I couldn’t believe how quick my finger swelled up! I think I set a world’s record. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get my ring off. It was bent and I couldn’t pull it over the gash on my knuckle. “S” went to get a bolt cutter to get my ring off and returned with one so big, I thought “She must think I’m planning on escaping from a prison or just figures it’s easier to cut my hand off!” It didn’t work so she offered to have the EMT’s meet us in town to use their ring cutter. 
As we head into town, Jeannie’s like, 
“You’re not really going to have them meet us, are you?” 
I said,
 “Yep, I sure am.
 Besides, they’ll get a chuckle out of the story
 and I have something to put in my blog.”

It’s 8 days later. My fingers are healing up, I’m getting more use out of my fingers, and my wrist is feeling better and I’m able to move it more. It’s still hard to hold things with my hand and certain motions are painful. The frustrating part is it’s my left hand and of course, I’m left handed. 

This is the first injury.
And still, I didn’t let go of that rope!

I took this while waiting for the EMT’s to show up.

You can see where the ring was at.

My ring bent and cut. 😦

My daughter nursed my injuries. 🙂

I learned valuable lessons. Don’t wear rings or bracelets when loading a horse. Wear gloves. And apparently, you don’t worry so much about the others getting hurt. If you need to let go of that rope, well, you let go! And I thought at least my nails still look cute!

Lunch at T’s Redneck Steakhouse

My BFF’s daughter had an ear appointment yesterday. Bobo (bff) asked if I wanted to go along so I went. It gave me the opportunity to do something a little different on a Monday.  A friend of hers invited us all to lunch after the appointment at a restaurant I’d never heard about. 

For some reason, the name T’s Redneck Steakhouse struck me as funny and I kept asking over and over, “What’s it called again?” It just wouldn’t stick in my head that’s really the name. 

When we walked in, I immediately thought about Jeannie, who loves and owns a billion horses. (A few of us went on a road trip in January of this year to get a couple of horses. That was an interesting and fun road trip.) Anyway, I thought I’d snap some pictures for Jeannie. 

I figured she’d appreciate the saddles. 

This saddle is selling for $1000. Say what??

For those of you who have a B-I-G appetite, here’s a little challenge!

They had pictures of 3 guys who attempted this. On all three pictures, they wrote boldly: FAILED

Of course, this is what really caught my eye!

When I got back to the office, I was excited to share my pics with Jeannie. She bursted my bubble! 😦 

Turns out she’s been there a few times! 

It was a nice change from my usual  Monday. 

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