Are You Up For The Challenge????

One of the lovely side effects of being a non-smoker is the amazing amount of weight you can gain.

I promised myself I wouldn’t trip over packing on the pounds.

And I haven’t. Too much. I’ve tried a couple of half-hearted attempts at exercising.

And Then!

I Saw This!


My best friend and I have decided to do this challenge. Our plan is to do our workout Monday through Friday. (We’ll need the weekend to recuperate the first week!) I wanted to put this out there for you guys to see if you’re interested in joining us. I will be putting up daily reports on how we fared on my tumblr: whosthathchelle


Tickle Your Funny Bone

Hey my peeps!

I’ve been a fan of Ed Bassmaster for a while. Recently he’s added some new characters and I’ve instantly fallen in love with this one.

I bust up just looking at the thumbnail of the first video. When you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. (I think that’s my favorite part of both videos.)

Let me know which one you like and if you have a favorite YouTube comedian, please share it with us in the comments.

Stormy Monday

Ah yes, our good friend Monday has rolled around yet again. The past few days have been crazy hot but today had a little twist to it. Most of us were hoping for a good soaking whereas Jeannie was not. Her dad has been spending the last few days baling hay for her horses and she did not want her bales getting wet. (Don’t forget to check out the contest we have going on to name Jeannie’s new Colt.)

Before the storm hit, I took some pictures and while we were driving around in it. Hey, we had to do some shopping. Rain won’t stop us. A little thunder won’t stop us. Although, the lightning did make us kinda second guess our trip. But it still didn’t stop us!

I love how half the sky was blue and the other half with dark clouds.

The storm hit in certain parts of the area and didn’t touch down in others.

This is what my porch looks like after a nice down pour.

My poor plant received a little bit of a mud bath.

3 Generations of A Pose

Some days, I find it hard to believe my mom is really gone. In the back of my mind, I’ve been aware this month will mark 6 months. Half a year. I’m weird that way. I mark time off by 6 month intervals.

 It’s those unexpected moments when something sparks a memory about my mom and my heart squeezes. I get through those moments, reminding myself of a conversation mom and I had a few years before she died. I remember her telling me not to be all sad and down when she’s gone. She’s going to be up in Heaven having a good time. And knowing my mom, I bet she is, too!

I had a productive day with unexpected good news about a few things. Not  bad  for a Monday overall. In fact, it was so good, I was even motivated to do some cleaning and picking up after a 12 hour day at work. With the house to myself, only my 4 legged-grandchildren as my captive  adoring audience, I belt out my favorite songs from the good old days. It’s bittersweet in its own way because they’re songs from the happy times in my childhood and my fondest memories of my parents. I glance up in the middle of a rendition to the framed pictures my mom gave me years ago.

There are pictures of my Oma, my mom and dad, and me as a child. My daughter once commented on how my mom took so many pictures of me with a scowl on my face. I’m pretty sure it was because my mom was ALWAYS taking a picture of me; even when I didn’t want her to. They are pretty funny to look at, so I don’t mind. I have one picture, tucked into the frame, of my mom, wearing the fashionable short dress of the 60’s and she’s holding our dog. When I’m in the heart squeezing moments, I take that picture down and look at it.

Tonight, as I put the picture back in place, I really noticed for the first time the picture of my Oma holding the dog she owned, years before I was even a thought. Then I glanced  at the picture I’d just put back. Then another picture of me, around 10 or so, with me holding my childhood pet, Blacky. That’s when it hit me: we have 3 generations of us holding our dogs.

That put a smile on my face.

I know I’ll always miss my mom. I know I’ll have those good days of memories where I crack up at the antics of my mom. I know I’ll have days where I’m sad and that’s all there is to it. I know I’ll keep marking time by my 6 month intervals.  And I know I’ll be okay.

Love you and miss you mom!

Tis Monday

My good friend, Monday, is making her way back into my week again. She’s pretty consistent. I’m not dreading her too much today. I’ve been up awhile and feel like it’s going to be a pretty productive day. I had a good week last week with posting and reading blogs, hanging out on Twitter, found a new community to join (more on that in a future post) lining up reviews and giveaways for my other blog, and looking into Triberr. I had wonderful responses to my Favorite Thing Friday and my writing prompt from Bloggy Mom’s. Yep, when the week ends good, the next week has no choice but to start good. (I also found a new reason to put off exercising as you can see. I’ll just have to constantly carry a cup of coffee with me.)

If I could put in a request to Mother Nature,
 it would be for her to pretend that I live in  a warmer climate.
 I do not do cold weather well.
 Even now, I’m freezing. 
But “eye” don’t really see Mother Nature paying much mind to my request.
 I think she’s kin to Monday. 
Enough said!
The last 2 Monday’s have been filled with tornado warnings and extremely strong and cold wind. Hence the request to Mother Nature. 
I would much rather be sweating like I was just a few short months ago.  
Yes, I’d prefer going through a drought vs all this cold stuff. 
Well, since I can’t do anything about this cold weather, I better get to work.
 Yeah, I’m going to do some work.
I don’t know why that Facebook picture is there!!

Hope your week goes great
 and if you’re in cold weather, stay warm!

It’s a Tequila Kinda Monday!

I introduced you to Tequila last week. What did you think?  Meet Tequila

I think what cracks me up so much is listening to the people on the other end of the phone when Tequila calls. Can you imagine having conversations like these?

I hope you have an absolutely Mah-vah-lissss Monday! 

Mah-vah-lissss Monday

If you’ve been hanging around me for awhile, 
you know that I have, ahem, 
some issues  trouble liking Monday.
 I’ve decided to change that perspective with the new year
 and look at Monday’s as being Simply Mah-vah-lissss!

About a year ago, I came across a character created by
 Ed Bassmaster called Tequila Johnson. 
I crack up when I watch the videos with Tequila. 
She is a hoot and always puts a smile on my face after watching her.
 Here is one of my favorites:
Well my friends, I hope I put a smile on your face for this Monday. Hope your week is great and filled with many Blessings. 
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