Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

In a previous post, I confessed I am a secret judge. The other night, I took a stroll down the videos of talent and those with dreams. I came across a group called, The Zimmers. I was instantly curious and couldn’t wait to watch the video!

What an absolute delightful group!

I knew in that instant, they are the type of people, commonly called——————>elderly, I want to be when I’m their ages. My body may age over the years but my mind and spirit will remain alert and young!

Are they not absolutely delightful????!!!! Gone are the stereotypes that as we get older we lose our ability to have fun, to do crazy, zany things. Where is it written we’re to be tucked away in a retirement home, living only through memories.

How do you picture yourself in your Golden Years?


My Other Job As A Judge

I think, as God was going down His list of creating moi, when He came to the column marked: Singing, He used that opportunity to show God does have a sense of humor.

I adore singing. I am a beast when it comes to not learning the words right, having no clue that you’re suppose to stay in tune, and have this amazing ability to want to belt out the songs that are nowhere near my, uh-hem, voice range.

I give the most amazing performances in my house. I do not, I repeat, do not get deterred as the neighborhood dogs gather in my front yard howling during my free concerts. I can ignore them and my own four-legged grand-dogs.

I told ya, I’m the beast!

The only time I’ve ever watched American Idol is when Sanjaya Malakar was a contestant. That was because of the snippets I heard about him not really having talent and his crazy hair styles. I watched two shows with him and that’s it.  I loved him! He was so adorable, hopeful, and  doing his thing.

On the other hand, I will spend hours watching various auditions for hopeful singers on YouTube. I get into my judge mode, I make my calls before they open their mouths and a lot of times, I’m just as blown away as the real judges.

I tend to gravitate towards the singers who have been through hard times and are sometimes placing their last shred of hope in the hands of strangers. I love a happy ending. Kevin Skinner comes across as a good ol’ country boy but wow when he starts singing. I bawl every time I watch Lascel Wood’s video. Luke Lucas cracks me up in his  youthful crush. Matt Cardle did make it through after his audition. I watched another video and he is amazing. Little Anna Graceman gave me chills as she performed! Only 11 years old at the time!!!!!! Katie Smith is cute as a button and has an awesome voice. I love the jaw dropping moment when Greg Pritchard opens his mouth! You never know what talent will come out of the unique package presented on stage!

I’m sharing a few of my faves I’ve come across during my unofficial status as a judge. I have been inspired to practice for the next concert. Enjoy!

Favorite Thing Friday Link-Up

One of my favorite things about where I work

(besides being my own boss, of course)
is my friends don’t mind the days when I’m traveling down memory lane . The kind of lane that requires me to crank up music to capture those memories. 

My favorite group in the 70’s were……drum roll, please 🙂
The Bee Gees

Oh, how I loved the brothers with the last name of Gibbs. 
Barry was my favorite. 
He’s so cute with his beard and hair. 

I don’t know what it is about memories and music but they really seem to go hand-in-hand for me. 

How do you stroll down memory lane?

Cleaning, Music, and Memories

I’m not sure what it is about listening to music while I clean, but it puts me in a better mood and motivates me more. I usually put on Slacker radio on my bb and get to cleaning. Yesterday the mood was to clean the kitchen. I’m on a ammonia kick right now. Of course, I wonder why when I feel I’m about to pass out from the fumes but nevertheless, it makes things seem cleaner when I use it.

Anyway, I am a big fan of Pink. I like the lyrics of her songs and the fun things she does with the music. I found a Pink station on Slacker and set to cleaning. One of the things I like about Slacker radio is that not only do I hear the Pink songs on the station, but some other good songs as well.

Cleaning and music must be therapeutic for me on some level. I find myself working out dilemmas, gaining great insight, going down the lanes of forgotten memories, and just feeling better.

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a situation in which I have felt utterly trapped and unable to solve. It’s been eating at me and I have been running it around in my mind, desperate for a solution. Then the song
“Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie came on.

That took me down the lane of the days when I had the ring tone to the song for my best friend. She was going through a tough time in her life and it just seemed to fit. That lane veered off to another lane reminding me of the fun we had when she moved back after being gone for years. We would visit each other but it’s not the same as being in the same town. It made me start thinking of the good times in my life and how those times felt. 

Then it made me realize, that during my struggle for a solution, I had managed to get a handle on the fear that has been paralyzing me from not only making a decision but getting a plan together to move forward with it. 

And in that moment, I knew I’m going to be okay.  

Plus, the cabinets and the fridge in my kitchen are sparkling clean!
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