All In A Day Of Working

Sometimes, Jeannie and I have gaps of time in between appointments.

Typically, we go to eat.

So we did.

Then we ended up with another gap of time.

So we went to check on a few of her horses. And got stuck in the mud.

Picture, if  you will:

Two self-appointed princesses telling  the other to get out and push!

Uh, not happening.

We called for help and after a good chewing out, the car was rescued.

And we went back to work!

I love days like this!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

Jeannie is suppose to go back and fix this. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh over that one!

We were asked, "When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??"

We were asked, “When the ground went, squish, squish, why did you keep going??”


Can you believe Lady is 30?

Happy is going to be bred. I didn't recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Happy is going to be bred. I didn’t recognize her from her show days! What a difference hanging out makes!

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Tree shots while we waited to become unstuck.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Snow gone. Gloomy sky gone. Had to take a pic.

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???

Jeannie said these are weeds? Are they???


Food For Thought (I Think)

Because grocery shopping can be confusing!

I like ice cream. I like bacon. But not together!

What?? Say it isn’t so!

Can’t pass this good deal up, can ya????

It is time-consuming taking
the bones out of bananas!

Let’s see,
fried chicken, tater salad, and good ol’ fried
kool aid!

That’s what I’m talking about. I can pull up, load my plate, eat, and drive back through for more!

Stormy Monday

Ah yes, our good friend Monday has rolled around yet again. The past few days have been crazy hot but today had a little twist to it. Most of us were hoping for a good soaking whereas Jeannie was not. Her dad has been spending the last few days baling hay for her horses and she did not want her bales getting wet. (Don’t forget to check out the contest we have going on to name Jeannie’s new Colt.)

Before the storm hit, I took some pictures and while we were driving around in it. Hey, we had to do some shopping. Rain won’t stop us. A little thunder won’t stop us. Although, the lightning did make us kinda second guess our trip. But it still didn’t stop us!

I love how half the sky was blue and the other half with dark clouds.

The storm hit in certain parts of the area and didn’t touch down in others.

This is what my porch looks like after a nice down pour.

My poor plant received a little bit of a mud bath.

3 Generations of A Pose

Some days, I find it hard to believe my mom is really gone. In the back of my mind, I’ve been aware this month will mark 6 months. Half a year. I’m weird that way. I mark time off by 6 month intervals.

 It’s those unexpected moments when something sparks a memory about my mom and my heart squeezes. I get through those moments, reminding myself of a conversation mom and I had a few years before she died. I remember her telling me not to be all sad and down when she’s gone. She’s going to be up in Heaven having a good time. And knowing my mom, I bet she is, too!

I had a productive day with unexpected good news about a few things. Not  bad  for a Monday overall. In fact, it was so good, I was even motivated to do some cleaning and picking up after a 12 hour day at work. With the house to myself, only my 4 legged-grandchildren as my captive  adoring audience, I belt out my favorite songs from the good old days. It’s bittersweet in its own way because they’re songs from the happy times in my childhood and my fondest memories of my parents. I glance up in the middle of a rendition to the framed pictures my mom gave me years ago.

There are pictures of my Oma, my mom and dad, and me as a child. My daughter once commented on how my mom took so many pictures of me with a scowl on my face. I’m pretty sure it was because my mom was ALWAYS taking a picture of me; even when I didn’t want her to. They are pretty funny to look at, so I don’t mind. I have one picture, tucked into the frame, of my mom, wearing the fashionable short dress of the 60’s and she’s holding our dog. When I’m in the heart squeezing moments, I take that picture down and look at it.

Tonight, as I put the picture back in place, I really noticed for the first time the picture of my Oma holding the dog she owned, years before I was even a thought. Then I glanced  at the picture I’d just put back. Then another picture of me, around 10 or so, with me holding my childhood pet, Blacky. That’s when it hit me: we have 3 generations of us holding our dogs.

That put a smile on my face.

I know I’ll always miss my mom. I know I’ll have those good days of memories where I crack up at the antics of my mom. I know I’ll have days where I’m sad and that’s all there is to it. I know I’ll keep marking time by my 6 month intervals.  And I know I’ll be okay.

Love you and miss you mom!

4-Legged Grandchild

Peanut is my newest 4-legged grandchild from my daughter.
I’ve fallen completely in love with her cuteness.
 I became the annoying g-ma who snaps 100 pics a day, 
wanting to show my daughter EVERY one of them.
 Finally, my daughter said, “I see her every day, mom.” 
So, I thought I’d share some random pics of a day in the life of Peanut.
(Just a few; not hundereds)

The day my daughter went to get Peanut,
 the previous owner’s cat attacked her.
Poor baby looked as if she might have a couple of bald spots
 as her head healed up.

You never know when I’ll surprise Peanut
 and take her picture. 
Peanut loves to snooze with me. 

Not sure why she was more willing to pose
 as I caught her  in the car seat.
You know how kids drop crumbs?
Yeah, she likes to go on a search & find mission. 
Being cute and dressed fashionably wears Peanut out.
Here she is getting her beauty sleep.

Do you take pictures of your pets?

Bits of My Life

Here’s some random bits of my life

This little guy landed on my lap top the other night and stayed for a good hour, just sitting there. I put down and picked up the lap top several times and he never moved. 

I went into Jeannie’s office and told her it’s time to water her plant. She walked over, looked at it and said, “Naw, it’s still good.” What?? It’s as dry as the desert! Yes, she did end up watering her plant. 

My god-daughter picked this flower for her mom one day. Jennie AKA BoBo knows I’m on a picture taking kick, so she asked me to take a picture. I love the lines through it. Nature’s art!

I am known as the bag lady to my friends. The bigger the bag, the more likely I own it. Turns out I’m not the only one who likes big bags. This is Blue sleeping in my bag I use for my lap top. 

My daughter surprised me with colored contacts for my birthday. I’m still getting use to the change in my eye color but I am liking the different look.

I love frogs! I had another frog ring but it broke a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping some strong super glue will fix it. My daughter surprised me with this ring to replace it. Imma blingin’ now!

One day, after a client left, I was closing the curtains in my window when I glanced down. I jumped back a few feet, grabbed a book and pounced! Ha, take that. Then I looked at it and thought, oh, it’s from my spider plant. How silly of me. No, turns out it really was a spider. 

A rose on my desk. 🙂

My beautiful daughter during my birthday dinner. She spoils me as much as I spoil her. 

I told my daughter she should buy this. She looked at me, rolled her eyes and walked away. 

This is my monarch for my new Sims Medieval game I received for my birthday. I wasn’t expecting this game and was totally stoked to get it. She looks kinda mean but she’s really a nice monarch. Anyone else play Sims?

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