Are You Up For The Challenge????

One of the lovely side effects of being a non-smoker is the amazing amount of weight you can gain.

I promised myself I wouldn’t trip over packing on the pounds.

And I haven’t. Too much. I’ve tried a couple of half-hearted attempts at exercising.

And Then!

I Saw This!


My best friend and I have decided to do this challenge. Our plan is to do our workout Monday through Friday. (We’ll need the weekend to recuperate the first week!) I wanted to put this out there for you guys to see if you’re interested in joining us. I will be putting up daily reports on how we fared on my tumblr: whosthathchelle


On The Count Down

It’s hard to believe we are already heading towards the middle of December. The months January through August go relatively slow for me. I suffer through the cold months and keep pushing towards the warmer weather. Then I suffer even more through the heat waves and I am thankful it’s NOT cold. When September hits, time seems to speed up a little more. October through December become quite the blur for me. I don’t know why the months roll by like that for me but they always have.

The last few weeks I’ve been really thinking about goals for the upcoming year. I have always been of the mindset that I want to do it A-L-L!!!! I suppose I could achieve that goal if I spent about maybe a second on each of the things I want to do but alas, what would be the fun in that?

This year has marked a big change in me regarding my creative writing. If I’d known what road doing the writing prompts would take me on, I’d have quietly said, “Nu-uh. I’m not going to share my writing, let alone put it on the internet for people to see”. Isn’t life grand?? That was one of the twists and turns I didn’t expect which has brought me much joy. I’ve had wonderful support and feedback, as well as amazing encouragement  My writing legs, so to speak, are still pretty new to me but I’m looking forward to seeing where the next year takes me. I’ve had a couple people encourage me to get published but at this point, it’s not what I really want. Who knows though??

I’ve been taking a look at how blogging this year has caught me by surprise and introduced me to a world beyond my imagination. I have met some wonderful people, whether briefly or on a weekly basis in the Blog Frog Communities. I’ve learned about Klout. (I’m still mad mine went down after I worked hard when they revamped their confusing figuring that complicated stuff out. I might quit pouting by 2012. I haven’t decided yet.) I took the leap to start a review and giveaway blog. Yep, it’s not at all what I expected when I started blogging. I’m glad I started.

I’ve thought about my Bucket List for 2012. I’ve been wanting to see Joyce Meyer every September for years. Every September I’ve not went. A few weeks ago I thought to myself, what’s stopping you from going? Nothing but…….Hmmm, there really isn’t anything to stop me from going. I’ve invited one of my good friends to go and it’s going to be my treat!

Of course, I’ve been looking at how to be more effective at work as well. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the end of the year number crunching and dealing with the insurance company from Hades but I’m also looking forward to organizing myself to be more effective thanks to the trials and tribulations of this past year.

So, that’s where I’ve been. In my mind, thinking, looking, reflecting, planning, rearranging plans, goal-setting; all those things the end of the year brings about for us.

Have you been planning your goals for 2012? 
Were you happy and satisfied with the goals you accomplished for 2011?
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